Gujarat- western state of India, which shares borders with Rajasthan in the north, with Maharashtra in south, with Madhya Pradesh in east and with Arabian Sea in the west as well as Pakistani province. Gandhinagar is the capital city and Ahmadabad is the largest city of Gujarat. Till past few recent years, Gujarat was not even sported on the tourist map but with numerous ad campaigns being successful has managed to change the overall scenario. This Indian state is known for its attractive tourist attractions including its nature enriched wildlife, handicrafts, temples and architecture. This being the reason it is known to be “Jewel of the West”. Let’s take a look at some tourist places of attractions in Gujarat.

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Bhuj is located about 340km from Ahmadabad on the northwest of Gujarat. This place is popular for its Indian handicrafts and is the Kutch region capital. It is one of those places for tourists who actually love selecting things of various styles and even love to be around historic buildings which belong to past 16th-17th century. In 2001, this place was severely damaged due to an earthquake. In the bazaars like Shroff Bazaar, you will find textile dealers and even you must take on with the side trips to Ajrakhpur which is 15km from Bhuj for buying handicrafts in block prints and to Bhujodi, which is 7km from Bhuj to have a look at weavers.


Great Rann of Kutch

Rann of Kutch
Great Rann of Kutch is about 86km to Bhuj from Dhordo on the far northwest of Gujarat. Dhordo is the Gateway which is developed by the government of Gujarat and is on the edge of Kutch. It is the salt desert which is the largest in the world and measures about 16,000 sq. km. During the main monsoon season in India of four months, this desert is underwater which makes it even more amazing. The remaining eight months of the year, it remains covered with a white belt of salt. The tourist season at Rann of Kutch runs till March and the nights on full moon, the cultural programs are amazing to experience.


Gir National Park and Wild Ass Sanctuary

Gir-Forest-Lions safari
The Gir National Park is located about 360km from Ahmadabad towards the southwest Gujarat and it’s the midland of the Diu beaches. It is one of the famous wildlife parks in India, where Asiatic lion can be seen. It is the largest dense deciduous forest of the western India, where more than 300 types of birds can be seen.


The Wild Ass Sanctuary

The Wild Ass Sanctuary is located about 130km from Ahmadabad towards the northern Gujarat. It is located in the Little Rann of Kutch and is the largest wildlife sanctuary which is a home to Indian wild ass. The best time to visit this sanctuary is in the month of October and November.

Somnath, Dwarka, Modhera and Palitana These places are the most famous pilgrimages which tourists must to visit while their trip to Gujarat. All of these pilgrimages are located in different parts of Gujarat.



Somnath, Veraval, Gujarat
Somnath is situated about 400km from Ahmadabad towards the southwest Gujarat and is known for 12 Lord Shiva shrines. This pilgrimage destination is located on the seaside and is beautifully craved with sandstone architecture which looks to be extremely fascinating. This temple is renovated numerous times before independence of India. The major festival celebrated here is Mahashivratri.


Dwarka Temple


Dwarka is situated about 300km from Ahmadabad towards western Gujarat, on the Arabian Sea at the mouth of Gomti River. It is the most famous char dham Hindu temple of India as it was once the Lord Krishna kingdom. The major festival celebrated here is Janmashtami. Visitors can also visit Jagat Mandir as well as Dwarakadheesh temple followed by Gomti Ghat.

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Modhera is situated about 102km to Ahmadabad towards the northern Gujarat is famous for its sun temples. These temples are built by the Solanki dynasty rulers during 11th century and are devoted to Sun God- Surya. These temples have a unique carved shaped structure including an assembly hall with a main shrine, beautifully craved sculptures.





Palitana is situated about 200km to Ahmadabad near the Gulf of Kambhat towards the southern Gujarat. It is known as the most famous pilgrimage for Jains which has 900 temples. Visitors climb up about 3,000 steps without wearing shoes towards the Jain temple complex.


Gandhi’s Ashram

It was the first Ashram which was developed by Gandhi in 1915. Visitors can stay in the Ashram if they want to experience the life of Gandhi by paying rupees 1000 per night. It is located in
Ahmadabad on the Ashram Road.

Gujarat is a religiously diverse state because it includes followers of Jainism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Zoroastrianism and the major religion Hinduism. The native language of the people is Gujarati which evolved from local Prakrits and Sanskrit. This Indian state is one of the largest industrial hubs and business corporations of India. This state was a home town of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Mahatma Gandhi. Gujarat offers its visitors the most attractive scenic beauty running from the Great Rann of Kutch to Satutara Hills. The tourism of Gujarat has been enhanced by the megastar of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan, ambassador of Gujarat Tourism with successful ad campaigns “Khushboo Gujarat Ki”.

These are the best tourist places of attractions in Gujarat which you can visit. Other than these include museums like Lakhota Museum situated in Jamnagar which was initially a palace of Rajputs Jadeja, oldest museum Kutch Museum, Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum which is situated in the Lakshmi Vilas Palace in Vadodara (Maharaja’s former residence) and many more.

Plan out with your family and friends or travel individually to the West Jewel- Gujarat.