Once you have developed a plan for the content and style of your blog, and found the right web hosting service for your company, the next step is choosing a domain name. Many free blogging sites like WordPress will automatically assign your blog with a free domain name, which will look something like “yourname.wordpress.com”. This kind of URL might make your blog look unprofessional, as suggests it to your readers that you do not take your blog seriously enough to buy a domain name. You can avoid these negative impacts by simply buying a domain name, but before you do that consider these top tips.

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Find an Original Name

When you have come up with an idea for your domain name, the next step is to check if it is available. As well as offering cheap domain registration, some companies also provide a free tool to check if your desired domain name is available. It is a good idea to spend a bit of time researching your industry to ensure that your domain name isn’t similar to another company’s name, which could cause legal issues especially if you are offering a similar service.


Using keywords in the domain name to describe your site will ensure that your users will know exactly what your blog is about. This is also an effective way of increasing traffic from organic searches. For example, if you are blogging about your interior design business, and want to attract new clients through your blog, then your domain name should contain the keywords “interior design”. So, when someone types in “interior design” into Google, they will find your blog. Knowing how to increase organic traffic is very important for maintaining a successful blog, find out more here

Short and Easy

A basic rule to remember when choosing your domain name is that it should be less than 10 characters. If your domain name is really long it will be hard to remember, which means less people will share your blog and you will lose out on the potential of gaining traffic to your website through word of mouth promotion. Also, short domain names are essential for good quality branding because they are catchy, and if your brand name is the same as your domain name it will be more memorable.

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