Cameras are preferred by the customers while buying any Smartphone. They desire to have great camera clarity in their Smartphone. Though now-a-days, maximum numbers of Smartphone’s are coming with high pixel cameras, but that is not enough, because those pixels are not good enough to provide you with that professional click which you get from a professional camera. They lack the inbuilt features like variety of lens, filters and editing photos. So along with many features like heavy processor, HD display, sleek designs and many more, camera is a significant addition that offers the users with high standard features to click photos with great quality. So, to boast this camera with many more features, you need to have one of these best photography app for your android. So just have a look at these apps and choose the best of it.

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Snap seed

You can have this app to make some granular adjustments which is available for free. Features like brightness, color levels and may more can be adjusted by using this app. Besides this, it also allows the users to perform different alterations like adding features, cropping and straightening. This app adds to the convenience of photo editing with its gesture based interface.

Pixlr Express

It is ensured that this app has exciting features in it by its developer, Autodesk. This is a free photography app. This app has an auto fix tool which helps to fix the photo flaws quickly with a single tap for color, exposure, contrast adjustments and much more features. It is a must try have for any photography loving enthusiasts.

Photo Grid

Many people try to combine or arrange two or more photos as a single one and edit it, but it does not come up to their expectations neither to the level of enhancement they desire to have. So for such editing of their photo, this app is very much useful as this allows users to arrange the photo collages for an enhanced experience of sharing photos. And along with this, it even provides you with a vast gallery of predefined templates to choose from and combine up to a maximum of nine photos in a single collage. It also includes features like swapping photos across different frames, snap to zoom for photos added and also a free-form editor.


This is a replacement for the default camera app. This app offers a wide range of selection from 4 modes of shooting, variety of 7 lenses and above 20 filters to select from, for the enhancement of your clicks. And there are much more features available in this app.

Photo Editor

You all might be familiar to this app. This is the best app for any editing task. Different photo editing tasks like auto tone, auto contrast, color adjustments, sepia and other modifications can be performed with the different tools available in this app. It also has a zoom in feature to have a clear look at your edited photo. You can save your edited photo in different formats.

[*] You can download and install any of above application from Google Play Store.