There’s nothing like the festive period for spending a little more quality time with your favourite computer games. However, if you’re looking for something a little more immersive than your average online game then you’ll have to hope that you’ve been a good little boy/girl and Santa has stuffed your stocking well. Alternatively, you could just load up your virtual wallet at and gift yourself. So, why not ditch the boring family parties and lock yourself up with one of these fabulous festive releases that are sure to bring a little excitement and adrenaline – in spite of the cold, dark days. Here are our top five suggestions for Christmas 2014.

PC Games for Christmas


Far Cry 4 : We all enjoy a white Christmas and, set deep within the Himalayas, Far Cry 4 provides plenty of snow if your weather doesn’t oblige. A game of survival and intrigue, this game is one for the explorer and constantly throws up new surprises as you explore the terrain. Fly microlights and ride elephants into battle in this mould breaking first person shooter.


The Crew : If driving games are more your thing then The Crew is sure to delight. Based on an open world premise, the huge landscape allows you to explore the USA in its entirety. Multiplayer worlds only add to the experience and, as you earn experience points through progression, you have the option of complete customisation – giving you a truly individual and immersive driving game.


GTA V : By now there’s very little to say about GTA V that hasn’t already been said. That is until you realise that next-gen graphics and gameplay have been included in this timely update to a perennial classic. Frankly, the game has never looked more detailed and, what’s more, any progress you have made on the previous release can be transferred over to the new GTA V.

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Assassin’s Creed 5: Unity : The long awaited fifth instalment of the Assassins Creed series from Ubisoft allows you to play with up to three friends – bringing a new dynamic to this fantastic game. Set in pre-revolution Paris, the game play is engaging and the graphics simply stunning.


FIFA 15 : If you’ve eaten too much at Christmas dinner but can’t quite drag yourself off the sofa, then at least you can pretend to get a little exercise when playing FIFA 15. Including new ball physics and player movement, purists might be a little put off at first. However, you’ll soon get back into the swing of things once you’ve repeatedly hit the back of the net.