The Coca-Cola Company has always been known for their marketing and advertisements. They currently offer over 500 different brands of soft drinks within over 200 countries and territories. Each day they serve over 1.7 billion drinks, making them the world leader in soft drinks. It’s almost unbelievable how large and successful they are, but they would have never gotten to this point without their genius marketing skills. Let’s see if we can learn some of their strategies and use them for our own businesses.

Content Marketing
Coca-Cola focuses a lot of their efforts and resources on content marketing. Every year they come up with countless amounts of stories about their products and their marketing teams come up with great ideas of how to implement the promotion of their products into them. At the same time they are entertaining and offering their customers quality content. If you have ever been exposed to some of their video content, you will notice a lot of the times it’s just a story that can appeal to the audience, with small promotion signals about their soft drinks. They are starting to move away from the regular 30 second TV ads that just tell you to drink more coke.

They have also been creating a lot of different blogs to promote their products through quality content. By posting articles about topics that interest their viewers, they are able to grab their attention and keep them interested with that they have to say. At the same time, they are able to promote the consumption of their products. It’s a win-win strategy, the viewers get their quality content and Coca-Cola gets to promote their products.

All businesses should have some type of content marketing campaign at this day and age. It will help any company attract new customers, keep current customers involved, and it is a cheap and easy way to market. Although it isn’t necessary to have a large budget for this type of marketing, being able to spend money on it would most likely get you better results.

If you are just starting out with content marketing and don’t really know where to begin, try blogging first. It is easy, cheap, and will introduce you to the whole idea. Starting a blog  only takes a few minutes and there is plenty of materials to help you get started.

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Create Advertisements that Appeal to Certain Demographics
A lot of Coca-Cola Ads are usually marketed towards certain demographics to help increase the conversion rate. So for example an advertisement that was made specifically for ages 20-25 would be shown on places that are more likely to have that age group watching. By doing this, they are able to focus on one demographic at time. Although Coca-Cola has the resources to make many different advertisements at the same time, they strategically place them all for better results. It is almost impossible to appeal to everyone at the same time, so by breaking it up into different demographic groups, Coca-Cola was able to increase the efficiency of their advertising efforts.

Most of us will never have the incredible marketing budget that Coca-Cola has, but we can all learn that it is much better to focus on a certain demographic with our marketing than to try to market to everyone at the same time. There are plenty of marketing programs out there that can help you with this exact strategy. For instance almost all of the major social networking sites now have advertisement services. They will let you post your advertisements to the demographic of your choosing, helping you to generate more traffic and revenue.

Don’t Back Down from Competitors
Coca-Cola has had a long history of competitors that have tried to take over their market share. The best example would be Pepsi. Coca-Cola has always outsold Pepsi, but they have had to fight to stay on top and their rivalry has always been noticed by consumers. Back in 1970 Pepsi launched a campaign against Coke that was called “The Pepsi Challenge”. This was calling for consumers to take a blind taste test between Coke and Pepsi to see which one was the best, which lasted years and ended up going nationwide. There have been many different instances where Coke has been attacked by competitors but continues to still thrive as the number soft drink provider.

It doesn’t matter which industry you are in, you will always have other businesses looking to cash in on your market share. The best way to avoid any negative affects is to be prepared. Understand what your weaknesses are and try to fix them. You should also do extensive research on your competitors so you know exactly what they are offering to consumers and how they might affect your current customers. There are plenty of other benefits to researching competitors, such as learning their successful marketing strategies, understand exactly why their customers enjoy their products or services, and also learn any other tips or tricks that you might be able to use in your own company.

Come Up With Quality Slogans
Coming up with great slogans has always been a part of Coca-Cola’s marketing strategy. Ever since they came up with their first slogan back in 1886, they have always continued to use slogans to appeal to their customers. Usually coke’s slogans are used to give their product a great image, so they use slogans like “Open Happiness” or “Twist The Cap to Refreshment”. They have multiple different slogans for different reasons but no matter what, they are always catchy and can stick in the minds of their consumers.

We should all have some type of catchy slogan for our businesses. Slogans can help attract people, keep our companies in potential customers thoughts, and they don’t cost much. By placing a good slogan on your business cards, websites, and other highly visible areas, you will be able to have an easy marketing strategy that doesn’t take much to implement.