As a beginner, many people are making numerous mistakes, not just the computer mistakes, but even in their lives too. Most of the people do make a lot of computer mistakes as a beginner and that is okay, because without making mistakes, you can’t learn anything. A famous saying “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new” by Albert Einstein, rightly explains that mistakes does help us in learning. I am here today with the top computer mistakes beginners make.


Backup of Important Work

The major mistake by the beginners is not backing up their important data. There are numerous techniques and softwares which helps in backing up the data. So, before it’s too late, do ensure to backup all the crucial records and statistics.

Not Saving the Work

Whether working online or offline, just do make ensure that the program saves your work, but if the software is not automatically saving your work then do save it manually after every 10 minutes. Because if your PC or laptop loses internet connection or electricity or your system might crash, then the data lost will never be recovered.

Without reading, clicking NEXT or OK

No doubt! We are truly becoming impatient these days and we must say thanks to the instant satisfaction, provided by the Internet. And because of our impatient nature, it is quite common specifically among the computer beginners to click on OK or NEXT without reading anything and thus causing damage to the security of their PC. Do ensure reading all the prompt messages before heading forward to agree for downloading and installing new programs or browser toolbars.

Shutting Down PC improperly

People now-a-days are learning more about using tablets and smartphones, rather than computers and thus are not familiar with a proper shut down method. Before shutting down, do ensure to save your work and close all the open programs.

Downloading and Installing an Illegitimate Software

Installation of an illegitimate software on your PC or laptop affects it from malware and viruses. The beginners do not know much about legitimate softwares to download and thus unknowingly damages their PC.

You need to be cautious while downloading and installing the softwares, especially when they are available for free. For subsidizing the costs, many software developers include various other programs in the software and beginners, doesn’t careful install those programs too, which ultimately damages the PC. It is important to read the program description before installing it.

Buying inappropriate peripherals and hardware

Many people do think that the emerging diversification, including laptops, Chrome books, smartphones, hybrid computers and tablets are associated with computers, but not all of these are compatible. Also, all the devices run on different operating systems. So, if you are a beginner, then just make ensure while upgrading or purchasing a peripheral or hardware that it is compatible with your computer’s operating system or not.

Do not install Download Manager

Many websites do give recommendations of downloading a download manager before downloading a software, but these tools cause damage to the PC and may have viruses, malware as well as other spyware. So, beginners, it is an advice to you all that avoid those websites which claims to set up software before installing the main application.

Not Keeping the softwares and system up-to-date

The computer technology is evolving at a rapid pace and mostly all the programs are released with few security threats and bugs. But, keeping the system and softwares up-to-date helps in ensuring smooth and clean working of the system as well as does fix all the found problems, which keeps the data secure.

Keeping PC on UPS or on a surge protector

Always use a surge protector to plug-in your PC or tablet, smartphones and laptop into a wall outlet. It helps in keeping PC protected from the electrical storm as well as makes sure that the PC cannot be damaged if a surge will travel over the power lines. Also, using computers, it is recommended to use UPS as it does protects it from the brown out and surge as well as keeps the computer running during power-cuts.

Being a beginner, you have to be patient because it is quite difficult to learn the “use of computers”. You can ask the experts anytime, if you face any problems while using computers. Computers enhance our life and thus, being a beginner, you need to be less selective too, while choosing the programs and softwares for your PC. Learning computers is fun, so you really need not to panic because everything which you will learn by making mistakes will finally make a sense at the end.