Windows 8 phone is best while you make use of it, as it contains a lot of attractive apps and features. You will feel satisfaction while you use this phone. It fulfills your requirements. Mostly HTC and Nokia presented Windows 8 mobiles at this time. Having Windows 8 phone means you have access to one of the best city style connections and it would be odd to think that you would not be looking for some appealing applications for your cell phone.

Rowi knows as the best app for windows 8 phones. Twitter is its own application that you can use through Rowi. You can install this app for totally free of cost, you can do it with Twitter to make it more eye-catching.

You can say that spotify is the most useful application for the Windows 8 mobiles. You can play your own songs and also check your friends’ playlists that they shared with you. You don’t have to connect with app again and again you can control the song’s volume and play different songs without shifting to application.

You can view everything in detail by using this app by viewing different things in metro manner. Through this app you can upgrade your Facebook account in your Windows 8 phone. This app lets you to keep the message bar around with you. You don’t have to go to the main app again and again just like in other phones.

You are a game lover and you are in search of games. Wordament is the best app for this purpose you can play incredible games through this app. This game also helps you to improve your intelligence, as you have to play 2 minutes word game in this app. This app is totally free of cost in Windows 8 phone.

5.Free Flow
You can avail this game in different versions. Different lines with different dimensions are accessible in this game. The player requires customers to connect with the dot in order to win the game. This game has the ability to measure your problem solving capabilities.

6.Gmaps Pro
Google maps app has been made for Windows 8 phones with various attractive features. You can track your location that where you are and how far you have to travel in order to reach at your destination. Gmaps pro offers incredible utilities that no one can imagine.

7.Battery level for Windows 8
There no accessibility of battery app at free of cost in Windows 8 phone. If you want to avail that app you have to pay a little amount for this purpose. A useful feature that makes it more beneficial is its screen indicator that shows you its battery life.

8.Sticky Tiles
Don’t want to skip on essential things in the future? Well, here is your answer. This app is more like a high level form of awkward notices that allows you to keep some details on the start display. You can set the color and written text of the floor as per your choice and place it right on your desktop.