Most people experience a shock during their first year at college. The changed environment is part of the problem, but so is the new, more challenging educational system. Teachers will require you to complete different projects supported by facts and convincing arguments. After the simple high-school essays you wrote, these academic projects may seem overwhelming.

When you’re working on a serious essay or another type of project, you can’t simply get information from your textbook or Google’s first page of results. You have to investigate the base of general knowledge before coming up with your own conclusion. The research process is possibly the most challenging part of essay writing. Don’t worry; it gets easier with practice. In the continuation, you’ll find a list of 7 online platforms that will make the research process easier for you.

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1. PubReader : If you reference reliable publications and papers in your essay, your content will be more convincing and your professor will be happier. Instead of spending days in the library looking for referenceable source, you can rely on PubReader – a tool that enables you to read literature in PMC and Bookshelf. You can use the tool on your tablet, but the browser version also works well.

2. RefWorks: Formatting references is a really boring task. You have to keep track of all those resources, and then turn the notes into proper citations according to the style you’re supposed to follow. It takes a lot of time to get used to citation rules, so it’s a good idea to use RefWorks – an online tool that enables you to gather and manage references, store them online and share the information with other students if you’re working on a team project. RefWorks also works as an automated generator of references, so it will definitely save you tons of time during the research process.

3. SuperiorPapers: Some topics are really complex, so it’s hard to find enough information no matter how committed you are to the research process. In such situations, the RushEssay team can help. This is one of the leading online services that assist students with research, writing, editing, and proofreading. The company will enable you to collaborate with professional researchers and writers from the specific area of study your topic belongs to, so you can rest assured that you’ll complete the project successfully.

4. MyScienceWork: This is where you should start the research for any project you’re working on. MyScienceWork is a genius platform that connects you with over 2,500 scientific databases and over 30 million academic publications, papers, and research studies. Most of them are free and available for download, so you will most probably find enough resources to support your arguments. It gets better: the platform is also collaborative, so you can join the international scientific social network to ask questions and communicate with students and researchers.

5. SciFeeds: This is a scientific research aggregator that will help you locate resources of high quality. The platform does the largest part of the work for you: it collects data from peer-reviewed publications, reliable websites, scientific journals, and influential blogs. Instead of hitting Google with your keywords, try using SciFeeds because it leads you to trustworthy materials. The tool works with advanced algorithms that collect useful data through natural language processing.

With SciFeeds, you won’t be limited to abstracts, which are so annoying when you’re researching the Internet the way you’re used to. You can see the whole text, so your base of information will be much more complete and accurate.

6. ACS ChemWorx: This is the most useful resource for your chemistry projects. The American Chemical Society, which maintains this online platform, provides a large base of information and tools that students, scientists and researchers can use. You can use ChemWorx to organize and annotate references for the sources you collect, collaborate on bibliographies, store and share files, track article-level metrics, and discover the latest research. Your library will be safely stored on your profile, so you can access it from any device.

7. Mendeley: This is another reference manager that will make the research process more effective. You can create your own fully-searchable library in seconds, and you can read and annotate the PDF files on any device. When you’re ready to start with the writing process, you’ll still use Mendeley to create proper citation in the any style as you write. Mendeley also works as an academic online network that connects you with thousands of college students, scientists and researchers from all around the world. You can share the reading lists, full-text articles and references you collect publicly or with private collaborators.

Start Crafting Your Digital Research Toolbox

The research process is always challenging. You have to locate the right resources and find the best way to use them in your text. However, the 7 tools described above will enable you to collect the needed information much faster, access it in an easy-to-read manner, and manage your references as you’re writing the project.

The important thing to remember is that you’ll still have to start the research process as soon as possible. You have to check and verify that every piece of information you find online is a fact. The right tools will make you more effective, but the reading and contemplating part is still on your own back. When you manage your time properly, all writing challenges at college will be easier to complete.