If you are in the course of running a business or a blog, then probably a time will come when you will need a Webinar. The need of a Webinar could be because of numerous reasons, like for running a workshop, teaching a course, hosting distributed events, training employees, conducting an online panel discussion or anything else. Today, we are going to brief about the top 5 Webinar tools, which are currently available in the market and even helps in making everything possible.

In any case, if you are not clear about the term ‘Webinar’, then in simple terms, it is a meeting in or an online conference. The top 5 Webinar tools discussed in this article will help you in conducting all types of meetings. The list is a sort of the ranking order, from the winner to the best. Basically, this list is a worth to check out because it is only you, who know your requirements and needs better than other people. While researching, I came up with the top 5 best Webinar tools.



GetResponse is the first major email marketing service, which is designed for providing the complete webinar solution to the businesses and organizations. It is significantly designed for increasing the engagement rates as well as the conversions. The webinar tools of the GetResponse are strong, effective, reliable and efficient as well as integrates well with all other features. The major features of GetResponse webinar include tracking of the presentation success along with the real-time data on the participation of the attendees and the conversions, easy and simple to use a whiteboard for discussion, live editing, and sharing. It even-even allows uploading the YouTube videos for enhancing the presentation. Not only this, the webinar tools of GetResponse provide us with the real-time responses from the participants and the attendees along with the live chat options. It even provides full email integration service, which helps in building strong leads and customer information. The pricing starts from $165 per month for 1000 subscribers and goes up to $580 per month for 100,000 subscribers. [Also see: A Comparison Review: GetResponse Vs Constant Contact]


The AnyMeeting Webinar tool is significantly aimed to provide the small businesses with the best and a solid web conferencing solution. It helps in managing the Webinars from the beginning to its end, including the follow-up emails, custom registration forms, Webinar recording & sharing and presentation sharing. Some of its major features include personalized meeting URL, hold large or small meetings, Facebook, and Twitter integration, share your screen, mobile friendly, 6-way video conferencing, present PowerPoint slides, custom meeting branding, inbuilt conference calling, recording, play YouTube videos and phone support. One of the best features of AnyMeeting is its ability for selling the tickets via PayPal integration of your Webinars. The pricing for the AnyMeeting Webinar tool starts with FREE up to 10 attendees, which is ad supported and ends up to 25 attendees with $18 per month.


GoToWebinar is one of the most popular screen sharing and meeting services among the folks, which caters to them specifically according to their needs and requirements. It is considered to be one of the major players in the Webinar industry. Though it is not the cheapest webinar service available, yet is the one which provides you with simple and professional support. Some of its major features include Archived and HD video recordings, polls & surveys and full services attendee registration. The pricing for the GoToWebinar starts from per organizer with $79 per month up to 100 attendees.

Adobe Connect

Most of us are well aware of the Creative Suite of products by Adobe, but the Adobe Connect Webinar is one of those products available on the market, which is authorized for empowering the organizations for putting on events and Webinars with a vivid and strong impression. The major features of Adobe Connect includes, analytics and tracking, complete mobile collaboration, archiving, recording, rich multimedia options, Microsoft Outlook integration, high-quality audio/video, streaming video integration, video conferencing integration, broad set of collaboration capabilities, real-time collaboration with presenters, breakout rooms to focus discussion and invitation and privilege management. The pricing for the Adobe Connect Webinar starts with per host for $45 per month with up to 25 attendees.


The join.me webinar is significantly built for the present high mobile and fast-paced workplace. The features of this webinar include instant screen sharing as well as unlimited audio hosting. It is also easy, simple to start, join and manage. It is the ideal solution for those businesses who are looking out for hosting a free online webinar, because of its unlimited audio conferencing feature. Some of its major features include, video conferencing, free audio conferencing, mobile apps, recording, one-click scheduling, presenter swap, personal link and the Pro version for your team. The pricing for the join.me webinar starts from FREE up to 10 attendees and $150 per month up to 250 attendees.

If you think that there is only the one best Webinar software available in the market, then it would be like misleading you all. Because it doesn’t exist. But, yes, the GetResponse Webinar tool is one of the most efficient and reliable choices for you, which is ugly and clunky at the same time. Other Webinar tools do guarantees to offer the best design, usability, and much more features, but eventually, they fail in meeting our expectations when it comes to the flexibility, reliability, cost and scalability. So, if you are successfully carrying the Webinars right now or planning to do in future, then choose the best platform, and that is GetResponse.