Positive employee morale will impact the productivity of any organization. If people are happy working for your business, they will willingly choose to put in extra hours and they will take pride in the work that they do in order to help achieve the organisation’s goals. Many business managers struggle to create a work environment where employees feel so vitalized, that it doesn’t even feel like work and that they actually enjoy the job that they are doing. There are a few methods that you can implement that will boost employee morale and boost productivity.


Making good use of natural light

This can be accomplished by using mirrors and shiny objects within the work environment to make the place appear brighter. Additionally, installing Velux skylights, or floor to ceiling windows can increase the energy of the office environment.

Office with a breakout area

Sometimes the best way to move forward is to take a break and compose yourself so that you can develop creative ideas for your job role. Breakout areas give employees the opportunity to move away from the functional routine of their job to gain inspiration or influences from other tasks or people. Some clever breakout ideas that organisations have used include:

  • Providing workers with a dedicated staff room, where they can enjoy themselves with refreshments, magazines, Wi-Fi and food.
  • Providing staff access to a local coffee shop or cafeteria. Better yet, consider investing in office coffee services to provide high quality coffee for your employees.
  • Allowing staff to enjoy themselves on a rooftop garden or balcony, where they can soak up the sunshine.
    Providing positive feedback and rewards to employees.

It is important to make sure that your employees feel valued. Continually providing them with positive feedback and direction for their career progression. Allow them to grow and become a valuable asset in your organization. Also reward them with awards or prizes such as shopping vouchers or treats to restaurants or entertainment venues.

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Hiring compatible people

One thing that is often overlooked by managers is the need to hire people that can fit into the culture of the business. Would the person be able to come into the team, contribute with their skills and expertise, as well as facilitate collaborations by building relationships with co-workers? Cooperation and collaborations between co-workers allows the creative element that organisations need to grow and innovate to be stimulated. People that aren’t compatible will drain the energies of people within the business and take up more resources and time.

Providing people with their ideal workstation.

People want to feel like they are in the captain’s seat at their workstation. They will spend around 60% of their life at the workplace, so incentivize them to stay and be productive by enjoying the comfort of their workstation. Providing them with ergonomic chairs, spacious tables, good computers and any other tools that they need to allow them to become as productive as possible in their job.

Encourage relationship building within the organization

It is easy for workers to become siloed in their working environment. An invisible wall can be created between the teams. That is why it is important to facilitate team-building activities to foster relationships within the organization. These relationships will allow people to collaborate, learn and create new opportunities for the business, which can improve the operational efficiency and profit yield.

Promote health initiatives in the workplace

People that maintain a healthy lifestyle tend to have more energy and are more productive in the workplace. Incentivise health programs such as -employee bike riding programs’ and – gym memberships’ that will allow them to get the right health balance for their lifestyle, as well as bringing in their invigorated energy to the workplace.

Businesses have the opportunity to inspire their employees to be more productive based on their own will. Rather than forcing people to work harder, organisations should incentivize them so they will make the choice to be productive for your organization.