Well, I don’t know why anyone need to use URL Opener tool for opening multiple websites at once, it can slow your internet and PC. However, you can use this tool to open 2-3 websites at the same time so that will be not effect to your PC loading time but if you really need to open 2-3 websites only, then you can also done this by manually going to your browser and in the new tab provide any website URL that you want to open and hit enter. so, overall this tool is useless for the users but if you believe this tool can be help you in any way, then here is list of top 5 URL Opener tools, all you need to do is just enter different sites URLs in the text-area and click on submit button. then all the website will be open in new tabs automatically.

URL Opener


urlopener.com – This is top 1 website according to Google search results. mostly people search with the same keyword “URL Opener” and this website show up on the first result of the Google search page. for opening multiple website you have to just enter all the websites URLs which you want open at the same time and then click on submit button > click “Open all” button then all the websites will be pop-up at once. for the more information visit URLOpner.com.



weburlopener.com – This website not providing only URL opener but it also provides many useful tools for webmasters and bloggers such as : meta tag generator, Dmoz listed checker,Google PageRank Checker and much more..



onlineurlopener.com – This website is also providing URL opener tool but the method of use of this tool is little different than others, here you have to enter different site URLs which you want to open at the same time and click on “Add” ( you can also use “Enter” )so, that URL will be added into resulting URLs box then use “Open all” to open all websites at once. One good thing in it is you can save your entered URLs file so, whenever you need to open these all sites you have to go to onlineurlopener.com then you will find your saved list there and just need to click on “open all” button. You should go to the website for the more interesting information about their services and tools.



linkopener.com – There you will find simple text-area box, all you have to do is just provide different site URLs and click on “Submit” button then full page will replaced to your entered site URLs detail page. there you will also see a button with named “Open all” simply click on it to open your selected websites at the same time.



openmultipleurl.com – This is another same tool provider, simply enter different sites URLs, then click on “Go” button to open all website that you selected at the same time.