Many people have spent the entirety of their time on a computer using Windows. The reason is not usually because they prefer it, but simply because it is the only thing they know. There is no reason not to put Ubuntu on your PC. It is completely free. After using Ubuntu for a while, don’t be surprised to find out you prefer it over Windows. The following are only a few of the great things Ubuntu has going for it.

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No Viruses and Malware

Using Windows means that you are constantly worried about viruses, adware and spyware. With Ubuntu you don’t have to worry about constantly scanning your computer for viruses that might have gotten into your computer unaware to you. As it stands, most viruses are written to attack Windows, so you are already safe from a large bulk of attacks just because of that.Furthermore, Ubuntu protects your system files by requiring super user privileges for them to be modified. Even Mac OS, which is allegedly safe from viruses, has its vulnerabilities. If you want that extra layer of protection, you can still install an anti-virus program.

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Ubuntu is Fast & Free

Compared to Ubuntu, Windows is completely bloated. It boots quickly and it runs quickly. Unlike Windows, Ubuntu does not start up with unnecessary applications that ultimately accomplish little. If you have an old computer, or just want a performance boost, Ubuntu is a great choice. Not only is Ubuntu free, but the Ubuntu Software Center gives you an easy way to find software for almost any purpose, most of it for free.

It Has A Dedicated Community

The people who use Ubuntu are passionate about it. If you are having a problem or want a tip, there is a huge community that is happy to help you. You can use the Ubuntu forums, or go to the IRC chat room to get a more immediate response.

It Is Completely Customizable

There is very little about Ubuntu that you can’t change. If you want to change the fonts, color or opacity of something you can. You can add scripts to Ubuntu that will let you accomplish just about anything. Given the size and dedication of the Ubuntu community, you are likely to find a script for most purposes. Add the application Ubuntu Tweak into the mix, and the possibilities are endless.

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Fantastic Features

Ubuntu has great features you won’t find on other operating systems. If you are worried about not being able to run your Windows applications, Wine solves that. It allows you to run Windows applications in Ubuntu, sometimes with even better performance because of Ubuntu’s low resource usage. The OS is integrated with all sorts of social media, allowing notifications to pop up on your screen so you don’t have to keep checking your various profiles. The fact that Ubuntu is open source means that users are free to add features as they like.

Ultimately, the fact that Ubuntu is free and open source tells us something big about the motives behind it: It is made for you as a user, not a consumer. Microsoft and Apple have profit motives behind their actions. The makers of Ubuntu are just trying to give you the best OS experience they can.