In India when it comes to bike, the first thing people sought for is mileage and efficiency. Honda bikes have been making bikes with combination of both. With stylish and dashing appearance, the Honda bikes are fuel efficient and as well as powerful. Honda gives a wide range of bikes from cost effective to costly depending upon the target audience. The Japanese based company has left no stone unturned to capture the Indian market. Let us go through the top 5 Honda bikes in India.

Honda Shine:

Honda Shine 124.77 cc SI engine has been a phenomenal launch of Honda. The self drum alloy loaded bike is extremely fuel efficient and gives an average mileage of 65 kmpl. The fuel tank capacity of the bike is 10.5 liters.

Honda Shine

There are many color variants available for Honda Shine in the market. The colors available in the market are Force Silver Metallic, Black, Geny Grey Metallic, Rebel Red Metallic and Monsoon Grey Metallic.

The comfortable seat and Ergo-tech design with spring loaded hydraulic system has made this bike the first choice of Honda.

The bike is available at a lowest price of INR 62,180.

Honda CB Dazzler:

The 150 cc bike has managed to become one of the top choices of the segment. The dashing bike with advanced design diamond frame chassis is running ahead of many in the market. The bike is fuel efficient and gives a mileage of 50-55 kmpl which is considered to be efficient. The fuel tank available in this bike is 12 liters.

Honda CB Dazzler

The color variants available in the market are Armor Gold Metallic, Pearl Night star Black, Pearl Siena Red, Black, and Pearl Sun Beam White.

The self start, high torque bike has caught the imagination of people to a large extent.

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Honda Dream Yuga:

Honda made a great impact with the 11o cc Dream Yuga in the market. Honda targeted the middle class people with Yuga and provided a great mileage and affordable price. The bike has been made with diamond frame and self drum alloy. The official mileage of the bike is 70 kmpl with 8 liters of fuel tank.

Honda Dream Yuga

The various colors available in the market are Monsoon Grey Metallic, Alpha Red Metallic, Maple Brown Metallic, Force Silver Metallic, and Black.

The bike is available with self start with the minimum price of INR 51,919.

Honda Unicorn:

The dazzling Honda Unicorn has been people’s favorite since 2005. With the diamond tubular chassis and self start, this bike gives an official mileage of 60 kmpl with 13 liters of fuel tank.

Honda Unicorn

The colors variant available in the market are Pearl Igneous Black, Space Silver Metallic, Pearl Siena Red Color force silver metallic with grey stripes, force silver metallic with blue stripes, black with grey stripes, candy blazing red, black with blue stripes curb.

The150 cc bike is available at INR 68,371.

Honda CB Trigger DLX:

The stylish CB Trigger is a very successful Honda model. With diamond frame chassis and self start this 150 cc bike claims a mileage of 60 kmpl with a fuel tank capacity of 13 liters.

Honda CB Trigger DLX

The various colors available are Pearl Siena Red, Meteor Green Metallic and Black.

The stylish CB can be picked with a minimum price of INR 68,371.

Honda bikes have captured a good part of Indian market after getting separated from the Hero Motors. The uniqueness, technology, fuel efficiency and the appealing appearance have made Honda bikes favorable and desired.