There are many new trends and fashion for the brides but not much for the bridal’s mother or so on. Do you think that they are ignored or goes unnoticed during weddings? No, even the bridal’s mother is noticed, how they dress up and stand along with their daughters.

If there is no more of that old dress or fashion for the brides then why for their mother’s. Let’s see what’s new is available in the market for the mothers of brides.

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Top 5 Dresses for Bride's Mother

Bright colors

Bright color dresses come only come with four colors: blah, boring, beige and Blech, Pastels and navy blue are only part of selection colors now-a-days, but industries are trying to show a spectrum for all those who love different colors. Since more saturated colors are better for aging, pale skin tones, liven up your look.

Bolero Jackets

You may be sick of wearing that sick pride color jacket dresses, but there is good news for all those women over here, Designers have addressed the need for a removable jacket to cover the arms that is also very fashionable as they have designed a jacket with different sleeve lengths. As you may not feel much hotter in summer times and also you can remove it, you will still look fashionable because you still have a great dress underneath. Wear it to during the ceremony- no one will guess you’re trying to cover those under arms.


You will be looking lots of Tiered skirts in the stores this season, and are especially appropriate for the formal wear. They are really modern and fashionable and can be flattering if they are not too frilly. Just give it a try and look that it suits your body and make a new body language with this outfit and look gorgeous just like your daughter.

New Lengths

Say no to the full length dress which use to touch the grounds as now there are a variety of dresses with different lengths available in the market. Now a day you can see plenty of cocktail-length, Knee-length, as well as hi-lo dress lengths.

Green Fabrics

Everywhere we see people saying “Go Green” i.e., support environment, the same is also seen in this case. Now a day couples are using recycled materials for invitations and donating to charity instead of offering plastic, landfills bound favors for their guests. You may have to explore many stores, but organic cotton and silk dresses are growing in popularity.

So with these new trends even the bridal’s mother can feel special and gorgeous just like her daughter and sizzle the wedding.