English is one of the most difficult languages to learn and there are numerous reasons to learn this language. But before starting to learn English, it is really important to know the reason behind it. What I mean to say that if you want to learn English, then you need to know the reason that why you want to learn this language. English is not a widely spoken language, yet is an official language of more than 58 countries and spoken by more than 500 million people. Even the most of the websites are based on the English language which makes it easy to learn. Most of the schools around the world have included English as a second learning language to their school curriculum so that children start learning the language at a tender age.

So, before turning our heads with the top 10 websites to learn English online for free, let us talk briefly about the importance of English language. The English language plays a vital role in our everyday life and it is considered to be one of the great utilities of the modern world. So, it is really important to continue the use of English language along with Hindi and other regional languages. English is basically a link language between the countries. English is a language which is used for official communications and is a major medium in most of the schools which means that it plays a vital role in the life and education of a student. Also, there are innumerable books which are written in the English language.

The English language plays a major role in the life of those students who want to pursue higher studies from abroad. It is really important for every country to be in a constant intercourse with other countries where the English language plays a vital role. If people want to enter the global workforce, then English plays a dominant role as a business language. Also, learning English will help you in having a great cultural understanding along with an incredible access to the information. Yes, it is time-consuming and a challenging task, yet it is really valuable and helps in generating numerous opportunities. Now, it’s time to come back to our main article about top 10 websites to learn English online for free.

There are numerous ways to learn and improve your English which includes taking an online course or hiring a teacher or going to school and much more. But the most efficient and the cheapest way to learn English is online for free. YES. We are into a high-tech era where everyone does have a computer or laptop with them. Oh! Now, we even have the tablets, notebooks, smartphones and various other gadgets which work more like a pocket-sized PC. You can visit some of the best websites to learn English online for free. Isn’t it really cool? YES. Among all the websites, here we have listed the top 10 which are worthy for getting your attention.


BBC Learning English

It is a great website to learn English online for free. This website was launched in the year 1943 and since then it has been teaching English through the text materials, free audio and videos. It is a great website and stands on #1 position.[Link]


In many schools, English is taught as a second language and here we have About.com which has lots of things to offer to people about the English language. It is a great website which offers numerous videos, audio lectures, writing methods, conversation points and much more.[Link]


This website basically helps people in improving their English listening skills. It offers audio lecturers and conversations of the speakers on various topics. And it even provides a text script below the audio player.[Link]


This website significantly focuses upon the English teaching tips, knowledge and other courses including the slangs, pronunciation, writing, grammar, tests, idioms and much more. Most of the courses on this website are available in video format along with the pictures and text scripts.[Link]

LearnEnglish British Council

It is one of the best websites to learn English online for free. It is a self-help website for learning English online which has lots of tutorials associated with grammar learning, games, listening exercises and stories which helps in improving our English.[Link]

Cambridge English Online

This is a website which attracts most of the people because it has some of the best and interactively colorful illustrations which help in learning and improving our English. It does offer amazing ways to learn English online including through flashcards, games, songs, stories and much more.[Link]


It is a website which is owned by British Council and offers the best English learning materials in a form of texts, audio and videos to the students and the teachers. It allows people to learn English online for free while listening to a song or taking a test or playing a game.[Link]


It is a website which significantly focuses on the writing English language. It doesn’t only support English, but even supports all the foreign languages. You can write in English and the native English speakers will help you in correcting your English which will help you in improving.[Link]


Busuu is a website for learning English online for free which offer people with few courses including reading comprehension, writing exercises, vocabulary training and much more. It even offers people with an option to join the community of the native speakers which help in improving the English through chats.[Link]

Exam English

As the name suggest, Exam English is a website for people to learn English via tests. It allows people to test their English by taking exams including all the famous international exams. It even allows people to test their English level through writing, reading, vocabulary, grammar, and listening.[Link]

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All the above-listed websites are the best ones among all when it is about learning English online for free. Few of these websites focuses on English skills, listening, knowledge, writing, vocabulary and much more. And thus, you can choose the best one according to your requirements.