Free File Hosting services are widely used nowadays to upload and download large files such as MP3 files, videos, software,movies, videos and songs. Most often, these hosting services are used for illegal files.  Many illegal contents such as adult materials, software cracks and warez are hosted through these file sharing host providers.In this article we are providing you some alternative free file hosting services.

Top 10 free file hosting services :

1. Easyshare – You can upload files from your PC or from a remote server. Upload via ftp, http, software or web embedded widgets.Easy share offers their hosting customers with a revenue. Upload customers are provided with higher payout per sign up


2. MediaFire : MediaFire is among the favourite free file hosting services of today’s internet users. People can easly download and upload stuff on this site. Using a free account you can upload 200MB / file .

3. Adrive– Adrive provides all their customers with a 50GB of online storage with a chance to manage the files anywhere in the world.

4. Megaupload -its the biggest file uploading site which offers the customers just 25 seconds waiting time. There is a 200GB of online storage provided for the customers.

5. 4shared – This website can be best suited for hosting files such as pictures and music . Users are provided with 10GB of free space for hosting files.

6. File Factory – This is a award winning hosting site that does not have any limit for storage of files. File factory has been ranked among top 500. This can be the easy and secure method of file hosting.

7. Uploading – This website can be best used for uploading and downloading files. One has to register in order to upload and download all the files.

8. File Den – This website offers free hosting and sharing files. Many customers use them for hosting images and also for backing up data. Every user is provided with 1GB of data storage along with 100MB maximum file size.

9. Hotlinkfiles– Most of the important digital media can be backed up. Files can be uploaded free. 8000MB bandwidth is provided for streaming videos for Friendster, Xanga, etc. This can be stated as the best hosting provider.

10. Quicksharing– With 500MB of file size, this hosting provider offers unlimited download with uploading and sharing services. If the file is not in use for 30 days then it will be deleted automatically.

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Let us know which free file hosting services you use for downloading and uploading files.