Are you making videos just for the purpose of sharing it on your YouTube channel? Well! If yes, then you should remember that making a video isn’t enough to satisfy the viewers. While you are making a video especially for your YouTube Channel, then making a small intro video is as well important as the content video itself. It is a great idea to make a short intro clip that not only fulfills the criteria of a good video but also enhance your brand name. It will build your brand as whenever a person will watch your video it will pop up at first so that people recognise you.

An intro video gives your channel a more professional look. It is a creative task and it needs a lot of patience to create a good video. Hence, you will surely want to give your 100% efforts. So need to worry, as there are YouTube Intro Makers that are available online. Out of all those that are available in the market, here we have listed Top 10 Free Online YouTube Intro Makers and we hope you will find it beneficial.

However, before we start with the list of Intro Makers for YouTube, let us make you understand what is an intro video and how to make one for your channel. So here is a guide for those who are eager to know about YouTube Intro makers in detail.


What is an Intro Video? (How to make one?)

Are you fond of watching videos on YouTube? Or do you have watched a lot of videos on YouTube? If yes, then you might have seen that quite a noticeable number of YouTubers use a small intro video before they start with their original content videos. It may be an animation video or a normal self talking video but it should be enough to attract people towards your brand.

However, years ago when Vlogging wasn’t a trend, YouTubers used to include their names and channel names in a simple background page and used to use it as an introduction clip. But with the emerging of new technologies and as well as ideas, most of them now use different kinds of beautiful animated videos that are quite impressive. This short videos are called Intro videos.

Now it is about how to make an intro video for your channel. Well! These videos aren’t more than 10-20 seconds in length but it should have an attractive appeal that makes the YouTuber stand out from others.

It seems easy kind of thing right? However, the problem is that not many people are expert in making video and making a good intro video is quite difficult for them. Thankfully, there are now several Online YouTube Intro Makers available that can fulfill your purposes.

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Top 10 Free Online YouTube Intro Makers

#1. Free Intro Maker:

Isn’t the name of the intro maker says it all to you? Yes! It is free and the best part is that it is one of the best free intro clip maker available online. It is easy to use and is beginner friendly.

The feature that makes it stand out among all other YouTube intro makers, is that you can create videos without any watermark. The only thing you need to do to get the watermark free videos, is that you have to give a like on their official page. That isn’t a big deal though compared to other services. [Link]

#2. Renderforest:

If you want to make some really awesome, cool and funky intro videos that will create great impact on your viewers, then Renderforest is the best available online YouTube intro makers. You can create different unforgettable intro videos of any content that you can use in different platform such as commercial or household purposes. Here you will get different kinds of templates as well animations to get you job done beautifully and quickly without any sort of mistakes. You can also use several other effects such as the Neon Power, Fly-in-Fire and Liquid Splash etc for your logo. Design your intro video with Renderforest and make your videos worth watching. [Link]

#3. Ivipid:

Do you want to create video with your photos? Ivipid has an extraordinary quality of creating videos with photos, videos and as well as texts. With numerous options of templates available, you can make high quality impressive intro videos. You simply need to choose a beautiful theme and customise it according to your needs. It has a good user interface as well. Ivipid gives you a video with Hollywood quality. So what’ more do you want- it’s free. [Link]

#4. Flixpress:

Are you a beginner and want to get your hands on video clip makers? If yes, then Flixpress is just for you. It is the best YouTube introduction maker for those who are short on budget. Here, you can customise your videos according to your wish, you can use texts and images to make it even better. There is a preview option which will help you in previewing your videos that you have made. [Link]

#5. Renderfx:

Are you searching for a good quality and professional kind of intro maker for your YouTube channel? Well! Renderfx can solve all your intro making problems. It has some of the best templates and it’s free.

It also offers you with an offline guide book that will help you in using this tool. Once you like it, you can opt for the premium version by buying the subscription for it. [Link]


Are you frequent on YouTube? Do you watch videos more frequently on YouTube? If yes, then you know there are a lot of competitors and you need to make your videos stand out. Intromaker is that one tool which will enhance the quality of your videos.

Often, YouTubers have more than one channel and for that they needs to have more intro videos. However, you will more features as well and in that case, Intromaker will help you magically.

It offers you with a number of different templates from where you can choose accordingly. You can update your logo as well to give your intro video more dimension. All these within some minutes- isn’t it great? [Link]

#7. Panzoid:

Panzoid was created in the year of 2012 for freelance people interested in learning video making and editing. With the help of it you can create useful videos online. It is a community that helps in creating intro videos for your YouTube channel.

Other than creating intro videos, Panzoid offers a number of other facilities such as the improvising of your videos by editing the background, sound etc. You can also create 3D animated videos for your YouTube intro. The best part is that it is available online is free to use, hence you can use it without spending any money. [Link]

#8. Flash Intro Builder:

Flash Intro Builder is an online free YouTube intro maker that has a lot of features to make it user-friendly for its users. The best part of this tool is that it is compatible with all other websites other than YouTube.
This intro maker tool has a lot more to offer you as it has varieties of templates which will let you create beautiful and innovative intro video for your YouTube channel. Give it a try and you will know how good it is! [Link]

#9. IntroCave:

If you are searching for a good quality and user friendly intro maker for your channel, then IntroCave is what you should go for. It is one of the best intro maker which has an inbuilt designer for intros that will help you in making quality YouTube intro videos. You no need to have any kind of experience while using it. You can customise it accordingly. The best part is that you can download your video within few minutes. It also adds a professional touch to all your intro videos and hence making your videos stand out among all others. [Link]

#10. Biteable:

One of the most popular online YouTube intro maker that is used worldwide is Biteable. It is one of the simplest video creator that creates animated intro videos for your YouTube channel that too within few minutes. You can now edit your videos with all the templates that are available online with this entirely free intro maker tool. You can add logo, credits, video title, business name and that’s it, you are done. Now view your introduction videos in the app itself or you can download it and then publish it on your website itself such as the Facebook, Twitter or any other similar websites. [Link]

Final Word: In this article, you will find 10 best online YouTube Intro Makers that will help you in creating your own intro video. This article will help you choosing the one that suits your requirements. If you are new to the YouTube world, then there are many things that you will need to know about YouTube to make your channel attractive to the viewers.