Google AdSense is a revenue-sharing opportunity for small, medium and large web sites that places ads for goods and services that are relevant to the content of your site, targeted to the people who frequent your pages. In turn, you get paid a small amount when the ad is either displayed on your page, or clicked on.

Meet the new breed millionaire now,  who earn only by writing a blog. they are their own boss, and they are does not wait for someone else’s order. They work according to their own desires and wishes of the blog writes. And the remaining time will be spend on their hobbies.

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here are the top 10 bloggers and their every months, Google AdSense earnings

amitName : Amit Agrawal
Alexa rank of : 2000
Earning : 36000 USD per Month
About :He was left their Good job from Goldmansech in 2004, and he was decided to become a full-time blogger. he is writes about internet tools and software, Now he is Spends their the monarchy life in Delhi, on only their AdSense and Affiliate earnings.


Name : Amit Bhavani
Alexa rank of : 34000
Earning : 15000 USD per Month
About : Amit bhavani started their blog in 2007 and he is writes about career, travel and health in their blog, and now he is operates their own SEO company, in hyderabad



Name : Harsh Agrawal
Alexa rank of : 3000
Earning : 11000 USD per Month
About : He was left their job from convergys, for only to become a professional blogger, now  he is writes about blogging tips, wordpress etc..



Name : Jaspal Sign
Alexa rank of : 19000
Earning : 10000 USD per Month
About :Jaspal is mechanical engineer, and he is writes about internet tips, softeware, computing etc…



Name : Arun Prbhudesai
Alexa rank of : 18000
Earning : 9000 USD per Month
About :Arun writes about business trend and startup. arun started writing the blog in 2007 and now has made their name in top business blogger



Name : Nirmal
Alexa rank of : 26000
Earning : 8500 USD per Month
About : Nirmal is IT professional, his writes Reviews and internet software trick and tips etc.. on their blog, his comes from a small village (Kochi) and he has since changed his lifestyle from only blogging.



Name : Rohit Langde
Alexa rank of : 32000
Earning : 8000 USD per Month
About : Rohit was normal student in G H Raisoni College Of Engineering. by the fourth year he had the idea of doing something different, and started a blogging, and now he is happy to spend their life on adsense revenue.



Name : Rahul Bansal
Alexa rank of : 23000
Earning : 6500 USD per Month
About : Rahul is Computer Engineer and full-time blogger. He writes about tech trend of Web 2.0. and his made his own life from AdSense earnings and now he uses the additional income to other businesses.



Name : Honey Sign
Alexa rank of : 108000
Earning : 4500 USD per Month
About : Honey Sign is full-time blogger, and his opened his own company ( Mediaredefined ) and his spend most of their time writing their own successful blog.



Name : Shreenivas
Alexa rank of : 7000
Earning : 4000 USD per Month
About : He writes a blog about programming.