Here is a list of  top 10 best websites to download bollywood hindi songs for free, with rankings based on various factors from library size and interface of the website. So for those people who are hungry to download hindi songs right now, check the list below.

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This is currently very good website to download hindi mp3s and gazals, old songs, tamil songs, wedding songs and lot more. Website is comparatively trusted (as I know). So i put it on 1st rank.

2 :
This is good website. Blue background is quite good. One can download latest hindi and English songs (mp3) from this website. This is the only website which gives large hindi as well as English mp3’s collection so I put it on 2nd rank.

This website is like ‘old is gold ’,may be everyone in india who wants to download hindi songs open this website. You can find large song library over here and can download mp3s in 120kbps and 320 kbps format. Due to some virus reasons I put this website on 3rdrank.

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This website is good for hindi mp3s as well as mobile videos. So one can download both by this website. Menu options are quite impressive.

The best thing I found about this website is that, this website has new as well as old hindi songs. Gazals of Jagjit singh and other good artists also can be downloaded.

Website layout is quite impressive. I like the moving bar in the website which shows the name of latest movies. So I put it on 6thrank.

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Website opens very quickly. You can find good number of mp3 hindi songs along with their respected movie’s image. I like the way they built the website and the song collection. So I put it on 7th rank.

8 :
This is a kind of nice website but page loading time is more as the graphics are attractive. Here you can not only download mp3s but also get video songs and chat option. Look wise it’s good but it’s too slow.

Here look of website is very attractive. You can see the image of particular movie also but song collection is comparatively less. So I put it on 9th rank

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In this website you can find latest hindi movie mp3 songs as well as Pakistani and some Occasional songs like holi songs, wedding songs etc. Here website layout is not so attractive so I put it on no 10