Football is the most watched and played sport in the world and is known as Soccer in many states. Over the years and decades, the Football game has seen a number of great athletes. With the passing years, the golden generation hangs up and gives a way to the new breed which lifts up our hearts. This game is associated with the words scheme and drama. This game is recognized by a number of countries and it has been one of the most favorite sports of people around the world. From players to coaches, goalkeepers to world players, all the footballers have managed to go miles ahead to reach and achieve their goals, fortune, and fame. Football is one of the most influential games.

In this article, we will take a look at the top 10 best footballers of all time. Before starting with our list, we have considered each player on few things which labeled them as the best footballer.


  • The first thing which we considered to label the player as a great footballer is a Talent/Ability. What talent the player possess and how the player able to replicate it into success. Everyone has the talent stored within them, but it is useless if one doesn’t replicate it on the pitch for a consistent period of time.
  • The second thing which we considered to label the player as a great footballer is the Success/Trophies. The success of a player is measured by the success of the team when they played the important matches and how their presence proved to be a great impact on the team. Though there are few players who were not really skilled like others, yet managed to win trophies throughout their career.

1. Pelé, Brazil


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Pelé is a former Brazilian footballer who is the topmost best footballers of all time. He became the most successful league goal scorer in his lifetime with 541 league goals. He played 1363 games and scored 1281 goals with which he became the Most Career Goals scorer and his name listed in the Guinness World Records. Apart from a great footballer, Pelé was a great athlete as well. He was awarded ‘Athlete of the Century’ in the year 1999 by International Olympic Committee. He is the only footballer who won World Cup thrice for his country. He had immaculate skills in dribbling, shooting, tackling and heading as a defensive player. People call him as the ‘King of Football’.

2. Diego Maradona, Argentina


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Diego Maradona is a former Argentinian footballer who has made his name legendary in the game of football. After his retirement as a player, he served as a coach and at present, he is serving as a Manager of the Argentine National Football Team. He is considered to be one of the greatest technicians and classic footballers. He has a short height which was a great advantage to him because it made him a great dribbler with stupendous speed and maneuverability. He jointly received the FIFA Player of the 20th century with Pelé.

3. Gerd Muller, Germany


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Gerd Muller is a retired Germanic footballer who is regarded as the greatest goal scorers of all time. He is the player who has the 3rd highest goal-to-game ratio. Gerd Muller is known for his clinical finishes within the penalty box and he ranked third on our list despite playing fewer matches. He played 62 games and scored 68 goals for West Germany. He won the ‘Golden Boot Award’ at World Cup 1970 where he scored 10 goals and he also won World Cup 1974 where he won the winning goal. He is the player who holds the record in World Cup of all-time goal-scoring record with 14 goals. In the year 1970, he was awarded ‘European Footballer of the Year’.

4. FerencPuskas, Hungary


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FerencPuskas is a former Hungarian footballer as well as one of the greatest football players of all time. In his 85 international appearances, while playing from Hungary, he scored 84 goals and 514 goals in 529 matches with Spanish leagues. In his long career, he is considered to be truly a great goal-to-match scorer. In the year 1952, he became Olympic champion. He won 8 top individual scoring honors, three European Cups, and 10 national championships. He was a great finisher and received the title of ‘Top Scorer of the Century’ in the year 2004 and 2009.

5. Eusebio, Portugal



Eusebio is a former Portuguese footballer who is known as Black Panther. He was a striker and is one of the great footballers of all time. In his 745 appearances, he scored 733 goals and in the year 1962, he won ‘European Cup’ for his club. Apart from a great footballer, he was a great athlete who is known for his dribbles, fast acceleration, and powerful shots.

6. Franz Beckenbauer, Germany



Franz Beckenbauer is a former German footballer who is regarded as ‘The Emperor’ of the game. His leadership and dominance made the German football team one of the best teams and he is thus regarded as the greatest players of all time. People give him the credit of inventing the role of libero, a modern sweeper. He started as the midfielder but achieved the position of central defender who managed to sweep up all the opponents who breached the defensive line. He is one of two players who won World Cup as a player and a manager. He was given the title of European Footballer twice. In the year 1998, he won World Team of the 20th century and in the year 2002; he won FIFA World Cup Dream Team.

7. Alfredo di Stefano, Argentina, Colombia and Spain



Alfredo di Stefano is a former Argentinian footballer who is regarded as the most influential as well as a complete footballer of all time. Because of various political reasons, he was not able to play the World Cup games for his country. His real achievements came with the Real Madrid where he won 5 consecutive trophies for the club. He was a great, powerful, prolific and a quick forward footballer who had a great tactical vision, stamina, and versatility. In his 282 appearances, he scored 216 goals which made him the 3rd highest league goalscorer and 6th highest goal scorer in the top division of Spain. He was awarded as ‘Golden Player of Spain’ and received Spanish Championship eight times along with Ballon d’Or twice.

8. ZinedineZidane, France



ZinedineZidane is a former French midfielder who is one of the best footballers of all time and the greatest footballer of the last decade. He was a great maestro with the ball who had a great control over it for which he was greatly admired. He is specifically known for his 360 roulette move and had great passing and dribbling skills which made him a real soccer player. His ability to head the ball made him a great finisher and take free kicks or penalty. He won World Cup 1999 for his country where he scored two goals in the finals and helped his team to World Cup 2006 as a runner-up. In the year 2000, he won the ‘European Championship’ and in the year 2002, he won ‘Champions League’ at a club level with two Intercontinental Cups in the year 1996 and 2002. He won FIFA World Player thrice along with Ballon d’Or and Finest European footballer as well.

9. Ronaldo De Lima, Brazil



Ronaldo De Lima is a former Brazilian footballer, known as Ronaldo and is considered one of the legends of football in the 21st century. He was the part of the World Cup 1994 which the team won. He won ‘Golden Ball Player of the Tournament’, but lost to France because he suffered from a convulsive fit. In 2002, Ronaldo made it to the finals and bought World Cup for his country and received ‘Golden Boot Top Goal Scorer’. He is the 2nd highest World Cup Goal Scorer and received FIFA World Player thrice. He is also twice-winner of Ballon d’Or recipient.

10. David Beckham, England



David Beckham is a former English footballer who was listed under the FIFA’s top 10 World’s greatest living players. He holds the record of being first English player who won league titles in 4 countries including France, England, United States and Spain. Also, he is considered to be the most appeared outfield player for England National Team. He won 19 major trophies in his 20-year football career. He was famous for his bending free-kicks, the range of passing and crossing ability which made him a treat to watch. He won 58 caps in his 6-year career as a captain of England team and in total he won 115 caps. He was one of the most remarkable athletes and highest earner in football.

This list of top 10 best footballers of all time is based on their effect on the generation and their position. There are a number of best footballers of all time, but these are the ones which are worth to mention under the ‘all-time great players’ frame.