Are you interested in playing some serious Cricket? Do you love batting and wish to improve you batting skills? Once just considered to be a hallmark of British and Indian sports fans, Cricket is a game that is now being very popular all over the world. With so many clubs and teams participating in competitions all over the world, a lot of players opt for high end bats to play professionally. In order to choose a high end bat, you need to have the idea of how to select a Cricket Bat. However, if you are well aware of the guide, here are Top 10 Best Cricket Bats in the World which you must always love!


1. Kookaburra Kahuna

The one thing that almost every batsman would love to use is the Kookaburra Kahuna. The bat is engineered to be specific about giving an advantage to the batsman. For most of the other bats found from the manufacturers, the Kookaburra Kahuna gives out a technical advantage to all the users. This is simply because of the design of the bat, the Kahuna is designed to hit the ball a longer distance than that of the other bats which gives a clinical advantage. Though it is banned from Marylebone Cricket Club for the international use, it is still permitted in all the other forms of cricket.

2. Adidas Incurza

With the beautiful curves, the Adidas Incurza is just made out of English Willow with the finest quality. It has been designed with a sculpted shoulder which allows the batsman to have an advantage on the bow and also the middle. Overall, the Adidas Incurza is a beautiful bat to get if you are playing professional cricket. Apart from this, the bat also comes with a beautifully finished edge that is technical for playing precision shots and also gives a swing. Thus, for the entire batsman who plays with the front hand, the Adidas Incurza is indeed a great choice.

3. Grey-Nicolls Legend

The bat features a very lightweight pickup which allows the users to get chunky edges for players who are looking for a high bat lift! The Grey-Nicolls Legend is indeed a great choice for everyone. The bat is made out of a very top quality English Willow which is specified as top quality cricket bat. Apart from this, it also has a steep spine profile which eases the swing of the bat and compatible with the lift. Overall, the deep spine profile which eases the swing of the bat and is suitable for cricketers who demands the bat to be very best.

4. Gunn & Moore Icon

With more than 125 years of experience for making Cricket to be special, the Gunn & Moore is one of the most branded bats that you can get. The Gunn & Moore Icon is indeed a great bat for you to grab and is made out of a very lightweight quality. With the highest grade of English Willow, the bat has a specification of flat face which is paired with large edges on both the sides. It is technically very usable for all round courage as well as control. Overall, the Gunn & Moore Icon is very much helpful for professionals to use.

5. Sanspareils Greenlands Cobra Select

If you are looking for a high quality bat which is induced with perfection from the market leader, the Sanspareils Greenlands Cobra Select is definitely what you were looking for. The bat has been designed for maximum stability which allows the users to provide balance in the shots. The bat is lighter in weight and is made with a Premium Sarvak Cane which delivers a good control of power. The one thing which most of the people might love to use is the Sanspareils Greenlands Cobra Select because of the wonderful manufacture quality.

6. Woodworm iBat Pro Series Black Label

If you are looking for a really drastic bat with the best graphics that you can get, the Woodworm iBat Pro Series Black Label is something which you might always want to get. The bat is been manufactured to be design specific which performs superbly just like the graphics installed with. If you are more of a power lifter than that of a stroke layer, the Woodworm iBat Pro Series Black Label is certainly designed for you. Originally, it has a low middle as well as wide edges which give perfection to the creativity. Practically, the wood is packed out into the middle of the hitting zone in order to generate the maximum power.

7. Slazenger V100 TAS G3

The Slazenger V100 TAS G3 is a concept of architecture as well as engineering which includes the TAS technology. The G3 version of TAS has been implemented to increase the likelihood of scoring the quality hit that will give you the best results at the bat every time. It also features the crafted face of the bat which in concave that will be destructive precision and also a flat rounded face for a combination. It is indeed one of the best bats that you can use to get a combination of durability as well as power. The Slazenger V100 TAS G3 is marketed at a very affordable range for everyone.

8. Hunts County Revolution Turbo LE

If you are looking something ideal for stroke play and is weighed light, then definitely the Hunts County Revolution Turbo LE is something which you might just go for. It is practically lightweight with is also engineered with a hole running through the length of the bat in order to reduce the weight. The result that comes out is indeed very elegant and it also comes with a powerful stroke make. The cricket bat is very strong indeed and it also something which will make everyone satisfied.

9. Salix SLX Grade One

The Salix SLX Grade One is one of the bats which are made out of a precision quality. Manufactured by the British Company Salix, the result that comes up is indeed very much impressive as it comes out to be and it is also something that comes up with something that you must be looking forward to. Overall, the bat comes out to be very shred with the perfect edges and also the strong sweet spot. It also has a smaller toe which in indeed great. The Salix SLX Grade One even allows the batsman to play corrected shots easily without any problems.

10. Reebok Blast

If you fancy of the brand Reebok, there is indeed a special thing for all the bat lovers. The Reebok Blast is one of the best bats in the sizable roster from Reebok that is just something to give an excellent stroke. The bat involves a great stroke and also gives a very traditional feel. With the looks, the bat might first appear to be old fashioned with the thick face; it is still lightweight and also very much responsive for all the shots that you play. A lot of cricketers around the world opt for the Reebok Blast in order to get the swing of the bat.

Though there are many other models which you might like to use from other manufacturers, these Top 10 Cricket Bats in the World are indeed one of the best bats that you can get. However, if you still have problems in selecting the best bats, you can also have a look at the guide to find the best bats according to the weight, height, making and also the construction of the bat!