Every year on 25th December we people celebrate Christmas in remembrance of the birth of Jesus Christ. He was a person whom Christians believed as the Sun of God. The word ‘Christmas’ comes from the Jesus or the Mass of Christ. It is believed that the Christians think Jesus Christ died for them and came back to life. The Mass Service takes place only after the sunset or before sunrise the next day. Christmas is not only celebrated by the Christians but is one of those festivals which are celebrated around the world. It is a significant time of the year when families come together to remember their good times they spent with each other.

Christmas is a global festival regardless of the location or religion of people. It is a magical time of the year when people do dream about spending their time in a picture-perfect town. It is the time of the year when you can spend quality time with your loved ones and exchange gifts, hear Christmas carols, and see Christmas decorations and much more. It is the merriest time which unites people with love and is considered to be one of the most colorful holidays. Most of the people prefer spending their vacations by traveling to other places. And this year, we thought why not try out different ways to spend Christmas vacations.


So, here in this article, we have listed the top 10 best cities to celebrate Christmas. These places will actually give you an amazing experience of your life and a chance for having one of the best and unforgettable times. Come on! Let’s discover new places to celebrate Christmas and explore their traditions, customs, cultures and much more.

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1. Prague, Czech Republic


Source and image: en.wikimedia.org

We have Prague on the top of our list of best cities to celebrate Christmas with your special someone, family or friends. During the Christmas season, you will find this city illuminated with beautiful lights and decorations all around where the shop windows flickers through. The people or visitors greet each other with smiles and the Christmas trees are decorated like a beautiful princess with ornaments. You can even have a wonderful experience by visiting the historic Nerudova Street in Mala Strana with its beautiful views of Baroque and Gothic architectural designs.

2. Lapland, Finland


Source and image: en.wikimedia.org

The Lapland city of Finland is considered to be a homeland of Santa Claus. Christmas is the merriest time for the people of Lapland where people get quality time to spend with their families and greet Santa Claus. This Finland city significantly gives a person a lifetime experience of a fairy-tale story because of its beautiful architectural designs. More than people, the Lapland city is usual to city reindeer. You will have the experience of sleighing through the woods on reindeer and can take a Selfie with Santa Claus as well.

3. Charleston, South Carolina


Source and image: en.wikimedia.org

Charleston is the oldest city in South Carolina. This city significantly offers an interesting way for celebrating Christmas. You will find more roasts pecans instead of the chestnuts during the Christmas time. This city actually offers people a number of fun-filled activities during this time. It gives an amazing experience of listening to the Christmas carols and choirs at the Drayton Hall plantation. You can even experience the candlelight twinkles through the night air along with the Gullah spirituals.

4. Zurich, Switzerland


Source and image: en.wikimedia.org

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and is considered as the central area for air, railways and road traffic. This city marks the beginning of Christmas from the mid-November by displaying more than 12,000 crystal lights. If you will visit the city, you will experience the Christmas carols all around and will have a great time smelling the scent of mulled wine along with cinnamon. This city even gives an amazing experience of enjoying the firework displays. Apart from this, you can attend a holiday concert at Grossmunster Church in a Romanesque style or visit the Ramistrasse galleries and much more.

5. Reykjavik, Iceland


Source and image: en.wikimedia.org

With the beautiful Northern lights, the city of Reykjavik promises to give people a wonderful experience of a colorful city during Christmas. During this time, the city attracts many visitors because of its breath-taking decorations. If you are one of those demanding tourists who is looking for something unique and new this Christmas, then this is one of the best cities to celebrate Christmas this holiday.

6. Santa Barbara, California


Source and image: en.wikimedia.org

Santa Barbara is the city of California which is considered to be one of the celebrating cities all year-round. Also, it is considered to be one of the best cities for celebrating a wonderful Christmas spirit. The festival of Christmas fall in winters and this time the city of Santa Barbara mixes all the Californian qualities together with the refinement of the New England-style and the holiday events. You can even experience the holiday party at the Historical Museum and the annual holiday festival at Santa Barbara Public Market as well as enjoy various shows and activities in the city.

7. Boston, Massachusetts


Source and image: en.wikimedia.org

Boston is the capital city of Massachusetts and even the largest one. During the Christmas season, the city turns itself into a beautiful city of flickering lights and decorations all around. The city even offers people special holiday events and shows which boast an enthusiasm among them. If you visit this city, don’t forget to spend a holiday at the Faneuil Hall Marketplace and at the Boston Common. Just have an amazing experience at Symphony Hall with a Holiday Pops concert and do attend the Black Nativity or the Nutcracker event.

8. Edinburgh, Scotland


Source and image: en.wikimedia.org

Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland. This city is one of the best cities to celebrate Christmas because it does offer the people with a unique experience during the Christmas celebration time. This city offers the people and the visitors with exciting events with fun-filled activities along with the beautiful fireworks. You must explore this city through the East Princess Street Gardens, The Royal Mile, and St Andrew Square. You can even have fun walking around the busy Christmas markets, Big Wheel, ice rinks and Star Flyer.

9. Madrid, Spain


Source and image: en.wikimedia.org

During the Christmas season, the city of Madrid in Spain dances through the festivities by entertaining the visitors with its pop-up ice rinks at the Plaza Mayor. The city starts their preparations 10 days before the day of celebration with a huge show at Plaza de Oriente followed by Three Kings Parade on 5th January every year which is considered to be one of the most colorful annual processions in the world.

10. Nashville, Tennessee


Source and image: en.wikimedia.org

The city of Nashville is known as the center of the music industry and is also called as the Music City. This city of Tennessee gives an amazing experience to the people during the Christmas time with their magical fireworks which illuminate the sky. The city starts their Christmas preparations from the mid-November. You can have fun with lots of activities which the city offers during the Christmas time.

Other than these cities, you can also celebrate Christmas in Bethlehem (West Bank), Bondi Beach (Australia), The Vatican (Italy), Dublin (Ireland), Nuremberg (Germany), Tokyo (Japan), San Juan (Puerto Rico), Vienna (Austria), Valkenburg (Netherlands) and many more.

Soon the Christmas season will be upon us once again with the glittering skylines and festive delicacies which will just loosen their belt buckles. You can consider visiting any of these cities to celebrate Christmas this year. Christmas is a great time for the people to experience grand adventures. Moreover, December is a great time for traveling around and no matter whether you want to celebrate this Christmas on a beach or in abroad, we have the limitless options.