In this modern, digital era people are constantly glued to their phones. With the advancement of technology, it has brought all the information that you could possibly need and put it straight into the palm of your hands. Samsung smartphones, like many others, come locked to a certain network carrier but unlocking your new Samsung phone can have many benefits. These days you are now able to unlock your own device in the comfort of your own home without having any technical skills.

The main benefits to having an unlocked phone is that your usability will be greatly enhanced. Unlocked is something that you will see mentioned on most technology websites and almost everyone will tell you that it is a good thing, and we are about to do the same.


Here are our top 10 benefits of unlocking your Samsung smartphone.

No Roaming Charges

If you travel internationally a lot, whether it is for holidays or work then you are losing a substantial amount of money if you are travelling with a locked phone. Once you have an unlocked phone you are able to use a local SIM card and avoid all of the roaming charges that you have been previously been getting.

Your Phone, Your Way

When you purchase a phone that has already been locked to a specific network then it will often have many of pre-installed apps which usually benefit the carrier more than the user. When you unlock your phone, you will not have any of these to worry about taking up space.

Choosing Networks

One of the best benefits to having an unlocked phone has to be being able to choose your network provider. You are able to go with absolutely anyone you wish and who will be supplying you with the best deals, discounts and coverages that suits you and your usage requirements.

Better Coverage

Once you have unlocked your Samsung smartphone you will then be able to get coverage absolutely anywhere in the world that you travel to, without worrying about poor reception.

Speed Up Your Phone

Going back to what we mentioned earlier about the pre-installed apps, these apps can often slow your smartphone down considerably. This can be very frustrating considering that these apps may not even be relevant to you and you may not have chosen to download them if you were given the choice. By unlocking your phone, you will never have to worry about having your phone loose speed.

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Worth More

As we mentioned earlier, unlocked phones are much more expensive to purchase than locked phones. This means that if you ever decide to upgrade and move on to purchasing another phone then you will be able to sell your current Samsung on for a lot more than you would have before, meaning that you have much more money to put towards your next mobile phone.

Anywhere, Any place

Another benefit to having your Samsung phone unlocked is that you will be able to use it anywhere in the world. As soon as you arrive in another country all you will have to do is purchase a local SIM card so that you are only paying local charges. So, you never have to worry about switching off your mobile phone again whilst abroad on holiday.

Replacing a Lost Phone

When you have a locked phone on contract you have an agreement to pay a monthly sum to your carrier and even if you lose your phone you will still have to continue paying this amount. Usually, you will have to pay a fee to terminate your contract and depending on the network provider and how long you are into your contract, the amount you will have to pay can be quite large. But with an unlocked phone, all you need to do is purchase another phone.

Dual SIM

If your Samsung phone is unlocked as well as having dual SIM capabilities then you will be getting even more benefits from your phone. By having two SIMs in your phone, it will benefit you if you spend a lot of time abroad or if your specific usage requirements cannot be met by one single network.

Saving Money

As we have said throughout this article, buying a phone that is already unlocked will be more expensive however you will get all of this money back (and more!) over the years. If you unlock your Samsung phone yourself then you will be making even better savings as you did not make the initial pay out.