JOB Interviews do require thorough preparation as well as practice, because interviewing is a skill and devoting your time to get ready for an interview does make a huge difference in getting the right job. But, your success doesn’t depend on doing more, in fact it does depends on doing less. I mean that you just need to use your time effectively and efficiently in a more productive way. For numerous people, Job interviews are a nerve-wrecking experience, not only for beginners or freshers, but even for some highly qualified candidates too.

I will be sharing the best and the top Android apps for JOB interview preparation, which will help you in saving your precious time and use it efficiently for a thorough preparation. These apps will definitely help you in focusing as well as relaxing and succeeding on the right path and landing on the right job for which you have set your eyes on. So, now, you have got your resume in your hands along with the job interview letter and it’s the right time to use your time efficiently to show your capabilities at the interview. But many people don’t have any idea what type of questions will be asked and how to prepare for those questions.


Nowadays, we all do almost everything through our Android smartphones and even there are numerous apps for carrying out our tasks and so does we have numerous apps which helps us in preparing for our job interviews.

101 HR interview Questions

It is the best Android app for job interview preparation, which is widely used by the candidates. This app does offer the users with questions associated with all types of job interviews. All the questions are classified into different categories based on what the company actual needs of the prospects. This app typically helps the users in ending up being a master of all the generally asked questions at job interviews. [Link]

JOB Interview Question-Answers

A complimentary, Task Interview Questions and Answer app is an interactive video app which assists the users with exercising all the answers in order to challenge all the interview questions in a user friendly manner. So, if you have your interview letter in your hands, then just try out this app and challenge yourself with awesome interview questions provided by this app. Also, it helps in taping all your answers to the job interview questions which can help you in self-evaluating yourself. [Link]

JAVA Interview Questions

This Android app for job interview is purely associated with the core Java interview questions. All the questions provided by this app are collected together from various sources. It is one of the best apps for brushing up your basics in Java. [Link]

Interview Questions

This Android app for job interview doesn’t only provide the questions and answers, but even provide various examples. It helps in preparing ourselves better with the questions associated with subjects like Unix, Java, DBMS, Data Structure, C, C++ and much more. [Link]

HR Interview Questions & Ans

It is one of the best Android apps for a job interview, which is available for free and offers the users with challenging interview questions. Though it doesn’t help in full preparation for job interviews, but offer the users with the best suggestions to land at the right job. [Link]

C++ Interview Questions

This Android app provides the best C++ interview questions and answers. It helps in brushing up the C++ basics and helps the users in getting ready for all the technical interviews involved. [Link]

.NET Interview Preparation

It is a premium Job interview app available for about 53 INR at Google Play Store, but is quite impressive because it does offer more than 200 interview questions along with complete descriptions in a format of a flashcard. This app does cover all the important principals as well as innovations and much more. [Link]

JOB Interview Questions

This Android app is available for free and assists interview candidates with all the preparation work. It even allows the users to record their answers as well as self-evaluate them. [Link]

PHP Interview Questions

Questions which are provided by this app are collected through numerous sources and for highly reputed MNCs like DELL, Deloitte, Infosys, IBM, Wipro and many more. It does feature more than 300 questions and even is available for offline use. [Link]

Oracle Interview Questions

This Android app does provide the users with numerous questions which are generally asked in a job interview. It is different from all other apps in terms of its mastery over typically asked job questions and helps in instilling the users with self-confidence and evaluation. Also, this app contains more than 1000 interview questions and answers which help in preparing not only for Oracle job interviews, but even for all types of jobs. [Link]

If you really want yourself to be placed in high, reputed companies, then these are the best Android apps for job interview preparation. Though, highly reputed companies do conduct interviews at quite a difficult level, but if you are dedicated, then nothing can stop you. These Android apps will help in all types of job interviews. So, don’t just wait now, just install these on your smartphone and improve your communication skills.