What comes first to your mind when you hear someone saying ‘prank’ or you yourself plan to prank with someone? A prank is an idiotic act, which is performed for entertainment and fun. Not only friends, but even our parents, siblings and cousins sometimes play prank with us. No doubt, pranks are just about exchanging love between two people in a fun way. Well, today I am here with the tools to create fake WhatsApp chat to prank your friends.

Yes, we are now living in the Internet age, which will only develop further and further, the modern age, where we all have just lost our sense of having a face-to-face conversation with people. Social media and instant messaging apps, like Hike and WhatsApp has affected our lives in such a way that we have forgotten completely about our loved ones. With time, people have realized that our love for family and friends is greater than the love for social media and thus, we started looking for ways to have fun with friends using it. One of those ways is sharing the screenshots of fake conversations of WhatsApp and Facebook with your friends.

With more and more searches, the developers finally started developing the apps for creating fun and unique ideas to create fake chat, pretending to be the real one. We have WhatsApp Fake Chat Generator, which is being developed only for the purpose of playing pranks with friends over WhatsApp and having fun. Now-a-days, sharing fake chats over social media websites is being very common because now, you can easily create fake WhatsApp chats using certain apps.

Such kind of conversations, which are actually fake, helps in entertaining your friends and fool them pretending that those are the real WhatsApp chats. The chats look so similar to the WhatsApp original chats, that it is quite difficult in finding the difference between the two. The apps are developed just for fun and you need not to take them seriously. You just have to make sure that if you are the person who is making fool of your friends, then you really need to be a responsive one and must not offend any person.


So, here I am today sharing the tools to create a Fake WhatsApp Chat to prank your friends.

Using WhatsFake

WhatsFake is an Android app available on the Google Play Store. If you want to have a fun time with your friends and family by fooling them, then install WhatsFake on your smartphone. It is one of the best Fake WhatsApp Chat generator apps, which helps in generating exactly the same WhatsApp app. This app is quite popular among the young generations to prank with their friends. Remember that it is just an app which must be used as a joke and should not harm the feelings of any individual.

Using Yazzy

Yazzy is an Android app which is being used by the users for creating fake WhatsApp chat, not only for WhatsApp, but even for Twitter and Facebook as well. It is one of the easiest fake app generator. The users can easily fall prey with the fake chats generated by this app because the chats seem to be real. I, personally, use Yazzy for creating fake WhatsApp chats and for sharing them in the groups to have fun with my friends.

Using Fake Chat Simulator

As its name suggests, this app helps in generating fake chat conversations for fooling and having fun with friends. This app works quite well as well as generates the chats exactly the same as the WhatsApp app. It even allows for choosing the delivery status of the message, online status, the last seen and much more. Creating fake WhatsApp chats is really easy as you just need to open up the app and add the fake number which will be shown in the screenshot followed by choosing a profile picture. You can start sending the messages and changing the status of the messages. This app is really an amazing one to use and easy to set up.

Using WhatsApp Zap Zap

All the three apps which I have shared above are for the Android users and the WhatsApp Zap Zap is for the iPhone users. This app simply helps in creating fake WhatsApp conversations on iOS devices. For such an app, it is obviously an amazing name and generates exactly the same screenshot like in original WhatsApp.

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You must remember that using these fake WhatsApp chat generator apps must be for fun purpose. Don’t use these apps for offending or being nasty to other people. These apps are just better if you want to have fun with your friends and family, but at the end, you are the only one who is responsible for everything. Just use these apps for fun, rather than harming people. Now, go, create fake chats and enjoy having fun with family and friends.