The task of writing a research paper is often dreaded among students. Regardless of its content, crafting such complex piece of writing is often seen as overwhelming. However, while research papers are big projects and demand much work, students can still break down the tasks into smaller, more manageable parts. This is perhaps the easiest path a student can take to create an effective research paper.

If you want to create an effective research paper, you need more than just information and deadline. There are 6 key steps in achieving this.


Pick a Topic

The topic of your research paper should be based on your interests. When picking out a research topic, make sure that it challenges you and makes you want to dig deeper. The attitude you will have towards the topic can influence the effort and enthusiasm you will put into researching and crafting the paper.

Make sure that you narrow down the aspect of your research paper topic. Also, if you were provided guidelines for the paper, make sure that the topic you chose fits the requirements of the professor. As soon as you decide on this, consult your teacher and ask for approval before you start exploring and researching any deeper.

There are subjects that are too complex, specialized and have narrow range of materials for research. Additionally, there are many that can turn out to be irrelevant for your field of interest. Try to avoid such subjects and pick a manageable topic instead.

Research, Research, Research

Make sure that every source you use in your research is true and valuable. If you decide to turn to search engines as your main tool of research, check out some reliable URLs or online encyclopedias like Britannica.

When researching online, every student has to pay special attention to the name extensions of the domains. The sites that are more reliable are those who represent institutions such as those with extensions like edu, gov and org.
Irrelevant sites are waste of time and a risk of using false information in your research. So, the first things to do when conducting the research is learn how to evaluate the websites you are looking into.

You can always visit the library for printed sources. Most of them can be found in the online libraries, but you will be surprised on how many books still exist in printed copy only. If you are looking for a free online recourse for eBooks and other items, take a look at World Cat. This is a catalog listing more than a billion items of libraries worldwide.

Check out other printed resources such as atlases, catalogs, dictionaries, reports, magazines, yellow pages and even government publications. You can visit Answers if you are in need of free dictionary and encyclopedia or Online News papers for index to newspapers and periodicals.

The choices are infinite so research, research, research.

Make an Outline

An outline is your way of having clear idea on how you will create you research paper. Remember to include all important parts of research paper in your outline. Also, make sure to write down the link and information on any source you will use for the research paper. You will need these for the bibliography part of the paper.

Organize the Information

Your outline will indicate which information you are going to use in which part of the research paper. Use only the best resources available and double-check for their accuracy. Check how your thoughts and idea can be best represented in words and analyze, sort and digest every piece of information you have found during your research. And finally, make a plan on what style you want to use in your writing.

The First Draft

The first draft is your first attempt at writing your research paper. Depending on how much time and effort you will spend on this part, this will determine how many other drafts you will need.

If you have done good research, the only thing that will come after this draft will be the final paper revisions. Summarize, quote and paraphrase to create enticing, true and valuable content. Use both the outline and the notes you have on writing the research paper and make sure that you avoid plagiarism at any cost. Try Copyscape to see if your text is original.

Finalize Your Research Paper

Now that you’ve done your drafts, you are ready to craft the final version of your research paper. Before you print it out, make sure to read trough it carefully and double check all the figures and facts. If necessary, rearrange the paragraphs and the ideas and reorganize the outline. When you are done doing all this, your research paper is finished. You are ready to print it out and deliver it to your professor.

Writing is not something everyone enjoys or is born to do. Therefore, if you are not ready to write research papers, do not have the time or simply cannot do it well, there is no need for worry. You can always opt for writing services such as and ask for assistance in crafting your research paper. In this way, you will not only be sure that your research paper is delivered on time, but also that it is written to perfection.