Are you using two Facebook accounts on your Smartphone? Ever thought of using two Gmail accounts on the same Smartphone?  No, when you can use two Face book accounts then why not Gmail accounts. You can even use 2 Gmail accounts from the same device. We even know that we can sync android contacts with Gmail account to retrieve them back as a backup. You can even backup everything from your Smartphone by using GCloud Backup Tool. So it is better to use 2 Gmail accounts then using 1 from the same Android device. And to do is very much simple. In this article I’ll guide you through the steps that you need to follow for better understanding of the procedure to add another Gmail account to your Android Smartphone. In this manner you can have as many Gmail accounts you want. But you must make a promise that you won’t use it for any wrong purpose like scamming others, spoofing, or spamming.

Measure to Add another Gmail Account

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Measure to Add another Gmail Account

This is a simple process. First, when you format your Android, you will be asked to add Gmail account. When this option appears you will be able to add and configure your Gmail account later. And if you choose to add Gmail account on android device later or skip that option, than you will be able to add another Gmail account on your android through the following classes given in this article below.

  • First go to the setting option and click on add account option.
  • You will see numerous accounts that can be added to your device and among those select the Gmail account.
  • After this select existing option if you wish to associate your existing account with your android device.
  • Or you can even create a new Google account by selecting the new option which will be flashing on the screen.
  • Once you choose the new option, sign up page appears on the screen.
  • Then you can sign up for your new account by entering your Gmail account and password. Remember that the password you enter must consist of max words and easily remembered by you. You can keep the password that relates you so that you can easily remember it. And also make a point that the password you enter must not be common or revealed to anyone you don’t trust.
  • Now when this part is completed, it will proceed for next step. This is a step by step procedure. Fill the information as per the requirements in each step. And the information you enter must be correct as it will be related to you.
  • That’s it. After all the possible steps are completed your account will be created.

So if you follow this tutorial you can easily add numerous Google account with your default Gmail Android app. And also for your kind notice, creating 2 or more accounts is not against Gmail TOS until and unless you use it for spamming, spoofing, or scamming others as mentioned above.