The iPhone 7 is the most durable smartphone ever made by Apple, and one of the most durable ever made in the history of high-end smartphones.

Drop tests and drown tests have shown it to hold up against the kind of torture unlikely to be dealt out by the average person. If there was ever an iPhone that didn’t need protecting, it would be the iPhone 7.

But there is no such thing as a smartphone that doesn’t need protecting. Apple makes no bones about the fact that the water-resistant rating does not mean the iPhone 7 cannot get water damage. On the contrary, Apple states that they do not cover water damage, implying that the iPhone 7 is still susceptible.


This is not the only way in which the iPhone 7 is vulnerable. Here are a few things that can still do it harm, and what you can do about it:

Protect the Screen and Finish

It seems Apple is using some of their vaunted material science skills to produce even more durable cover glass. But even the strongest glass is still subject to even stronger impact. If there is but one universal constant, it is this: Glass breaks.

They make those tempered glass screen protectors that keep the iPhone 7 screen from cracking or scratching under impact.

If you are a fan of the new Jet Black color option, you are going to be both thrilled and deeply disappointed. You will be thrilled because the finish is stunningly beautiful in person. You will be disappointed because it is highly prone to unsightly scuffs and scratches, so much so that even Apple recommends a case if you are bothered by micro scratches. make sure you get a good one.

Protect the Contents of the Phone

The content of your iPhone is subject to theft. Just ask the celebrities who were robbed of private photos from their iCloud account a few years ago. While this was not an iPhone breach strictly speaking, it was still information the victims thought was safe on their devices.

Technically, it wasn’t even an iCloud breach. It was an act of social engineering. There was a combination of weak passwords used for multiple services. Had these celebrities been using two-factor authentication freely available today, they would have been safe.

Keep the content of your iPhone 7 safe by enabling two-factor authentication, passcode lock, and fingerprint scanning. make sure your iCloud password can’t be easily guessed. And secure your backups with the encryption available in iTunes.

It is possible to protect your phone, and yet lose everything on it. Better to lose your phone and protect everything on it. You can always wipe that phone remotely. Once you get a new phone, you can restore from encrypted backup.

Insure Your iPhone Against Loss and Damage

AppleCare+ is $129 for the iPhone 6s through 7 Plus You get two incidents of replacement due to accidental damage at $99 each. You also get two screen replacements for $29 each. This comes with an extra year of hardware support, and two years of telephone support.

In the grand scheme of things, this is a good deal. But it is not the only deal in town. Some insurance programs cost less, but have higher deductibles. Some cover theft whereas Apple’s does not. Check with your home and auto insurer. You may already be covered. Just make sure you have some coverage. Things happen.

Protect Your Privacy

It is not all about identity theft. It is also about propriety and safety. You have to learn to protect your relationships from the effects of social media. What you say about your personal life online effects everyone around you.

One of the worst things we do to our family’s safety is tell the world every time we go on vacation, or just leave the house for a few days. We make our travel plans public knowledge, and publish photos proving we are not at home. Thieves couldn’t ask for more.

Scratches are not the only things you have to protect your iPhone against. Also protect the contents, the phone itself, and your privacy.