Success in business is anything but a sure thing. Often companies have a long road to success. Every now and then a business performs so well that industry watchers and observers stand up to take note. Amscot Financial led by Ian MacKechnie has grown into a first-class organization from relatively humble beginnings. The company embraces several key performance indicators to provide a great customer experience in a growing financial market. Taking a look at the success of the company, and a few important developments have contributed greatly to the success of the organization.



The leadership of MacKechnie has been indispensable for Amscot. The willingness to work long hours aside the traditional workforce contributes to the overall teamwork attitude of the company. By making careful decisions with regards to the workforce, executive management has won the trust of workers and customers. Leaders often direct the company to the correct path, and every organization can take a few notes from the overall workplace culture that Amscot has developed over the years. In short, leaders that inspire, guide, and communicate make a huge difference in terms of employee attitude, and those factors are readily apparent in productivity and morale.

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Controlled Growth

Any company can add capacity simply by adding workers or purchasing new facilities. The problem is that the market sometimes embraces trends a bit too quickly, which leads to corrections among businesses that rushed to adapt. Growing slowly overtime according to a calculated and structured plan allows an organization to make changes when necessary. Basically, making productivity improvements and enhancing optimization are steps that first need to be taken before any institution should consider expansion. After all, branching out too quickly can leave any company overstretched, which can have a number of negative effects.

Public Awareness

Another great performance indicator for a company is community involvement. While charity and other goodwill programs are embraced by the majority of the business world, companies that give back to the communities in which they operate on a regular basis win the approval of consumers. After all, the communities are what make up the workforce and customers of an organization. Businesses and organizations that make a serious effort to raise funds, provide volunteers, or even plan an event experience a higher degree of support from the community. In short, people take notice when a business goes out of its way to help inspire change and make a difference.

In the end, while great public awareness programs, controlled growth, and effective leadership are not the only driving factors in the success of a company, they are a major part of the formula. Success at any level of business requires the respect of the workforce and the community. Amscot has accomplished these goals by working hard and treating everyone with elements of respect, understanding, and fairness. These key performance indicators are important to the groundwork of any company looking toward elevating sales, and examining the habits of companies that have already achieved success is a great place to start.