Ah! Received numerous hits from my readers who frequently Google about, “help me kill myself” and much more like that. Though it is quite upsetting, but if you really feel to kill yourself, then I would say that it will be better if you change your mind soon. I really do hope that you all with care a little to read what I have bought for you all today, and even might follow my advice too, because there are 6 things you need to know if you want to die.

suicide is not the solution

You are NOT the only one

Most of the people do think to end their lives at some point, but that doesn’t mean that there is something wrong or you are a bad person and not worthy of this life. It significantly means that you a person who just want to come out of your present situation which is upsetting you and taking towards depression. You are not the only one who feels to kill themselves, as there are many who are just so depressed that they can’t able to handle the situation on their own.

Another form of avoidance is SUICIDE

No doubt, that we human beings do like good feelings, like motivation, love, enthusiasm and joy. Also, we do love to have good thoughts like, what an awesome day, and much more. But, we human beings seriously hates the bad feelings. We just hate, sadness, boredom and anger. We even do hate the bad thoughts. If you really feel killing yourself, then it means that you are in an awful situation and the feeling is even okay. I mean that being in an awful situation, every person would want to get out of it as soon as possible. But, thinking to end your life means that your mind is experiencing extreme thoughts, which significantly does not make a decent decision.

NOT best time to make any decision

With extreme thoughts in mind about ending up your life, makes you view unclear because of narrow thinking. With narrow thinking, we really can’t evaluate the things perfectly and make the decisions. If you want to die due to your personal crisis, then it is not a good decision at all.

Have patience and WAIT to get things changed

All the certain things in life will change with time. Killing yourself is absolutely not a good idea, and make the right decision with clarity. Don’t doubt yourself and just have patience for the time to change the things certainly.

Think about a person who LOVES you or whom you LOVE

When you get thoughts of killing yourself, just start thinking about people who loves you or people whom you love the most. I am sure you will feel guilty after thinking about your loved ones. If you are thinking to end up because no one cares for you, then it is not the right time to make any decisions.

Talk to a person who you TRUST

When you feel stressed or upset, people are there for you to comfort you. All you need is to ask them for their help. So, it’s the right time to search for a trusted family member or a friend for sharing your thoughts with him or her. This is one of the best ways to get over with your creepy thoughts about killing yourself. Remember that people might have an amazing way of seeing your worst situations in a better way.

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Ending up your life is not at all the solution of your awful situation. But, it is the time when you need to have patience for making the right and clear decisions.