There are few people who are really much confident about their first dates. Some women are fine on dates, but could not able to get any because of their proactive behaviour. So, since you are here, I am assuming that your first date is just lined up within a few days and you are ready to prepare yourself up. First Dates are potential to be awkward, especially when you don’t have a perfect place. So, I am here with the best things women should do on a first date.

Things Women Should Do On a First Date

Plan a picnic

Picnics are a great idea for a perfect venue on your first date. You get the best out of to speak to your date with food while being outdoors. Also, you need not to worry about other people hearing you both. Just plan your picnic on a first date and pack a basket with a sheet, blanket and full of food.

Involve yourself in the conversation

Lady! You are on your first date with a man whom you are eyeing for few months now. None except you two are involved in the conversation, so don’t show that you are bored. Also, avoid talking about your friends and what you did with them because those stories are not at all funny for your date and even he actually don’t know your friends personally. Just enjoy the moment and involve yourself in conversation with him.

Be straightforward and honest

Just warm your date up by showing a worst side of you because it might be possible that you both will decide your future with each other after your first date. Just be honest and straightforward as well as show your date that you are a human too who have own habits and attitude. Just make ensure to use the funny and light atmosphere of your first date to involve him in a conversation with you about your bad habits.

Dress yourself to impress him

Wear the clothes in which you are comfortable and carry them perfectly. It is not important what you wear on your first date, but how you wear and carry the dress is important. Your body language and tone play a major role, so don’t just worry unnecessarily about your dress. Choose the best clothes which fits you in and be practical and comfortable. You can even leave your wrists and neck stripped.

Avoid using your phone

Yes, girl, just avoid using your phone on your first date as it gives a bad impression on your first date. Just spend time with your date and involve yourself in a cheeky conversation. Using your phone on dates will showcase your rude behaviour and ignorance towards your partner.

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These are the best things women should do on a first date. If your date is lined up in just a few weeks from now, then prepare yourself.