Whether you’ve just gotten out of a relationship or been single fora while, finding a mate of the opposite sex is a puzzle that has lasted for many generations. Understanding the female mind is far from being accomplished, but it doesn’t mean we know absolutely nothing. If you find yourself getting dumped or can’t pull a day, but don’t know why, then you could be at fault for doing things that women despise.

Things Men Do that Women HateImage:thoughtcatalog.com


Having a Shabby Beard: You watch television and you see men with five o’ clock shadows drawing in beautiful women, but when it’s not worn right, it just looks bad. Not all men look great with a five o’ clock shadow, so make sure that you don’t come off looking like an unclean hobo. Your best bet is to go with either a smooth face or a full on beard that is cut nice and neat. Women love it when men are clean looking.


Having Shabby Hair: Your hair says a lot about your hygiene and as mentioned, women love it when men are clean. If you hair looks like it’s in need of a wash and/or a haircut, then it give what it needs. Until then, don’t expect any women to give you the type of attention you’re seeking.

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Outdated Unstylish Clothing: If you’re going to wear clothes that are outdated, then you need to make sure it looks great. Most women have a sense of style and like it when their men have it as well. Some women don’t mind dressing up their men, but it can get pretty annoying treating a grown man like a little child.


Ugly Shoes: Your shoes speak to women — it tells them about your sense of style, character and financial situation. If you don’t want to give a bad first impression, then make sure you don’t step out of the house wearing a pair of shoes that are run down and dirty.


Insecure, needy and clingy: A woman never accepts a clingy man because it is considered to be the worst behavior. Women really don’t like those men who are emotionally insecure and wants woman to compliment them unnecessarily. Women simply hate this kind of stuff and even sometimes they feel to run away too.


Starting a conversation but end up replying after three hours: If you didn’t planned to reply back, then why you actually started conversation. You really need not to bother your woman if you don’t have time to talk. Remember that women do over think and doing this they might think that you are a gamer. You need to be respectful for your women if you are the one who initiated the conversation.


Passing Gas: If you do pass a gas while being with your woman, then she would probably reject you. If you are being a mature person then your novelty must have gone long ago and you see nothing wrong with it. But don’t you think that rather releasing hot air; you should end up your night with your woman with passion.


Ogling: Women really don’t like their men to ogle with other women. Though women do ogle too but they just admire the opposite sex subtlety and you really need to be discreet about it. She might be embarrassed or angry on you for ogling other women by being with her.


Talking about your mother or ex: You need to ensure that any of your odd comment about your ex or mother might annoy her or even she can offend. Talking about your ex or mother with your woman doesn’t really makes any sense and is a kind of really lose-lose situation. Your woman might think that you are a mumma’s boy and will judge them by comparing them with your mother.


Don’t show off and expect SEX: It is true that men are more inclined towards sex than women but should be constant present because women really don’t like ending up with unwanted advances in future. Women really don’t want you to show off listening to your old school stories of being a macho guy and other victories. It is really rude and annoying seriously.

These are the things men do that women hate because they are actually the Deal killers. A woman likes every man but if you do these things then she would probably end up rejecting you. Men being interesting creatures but women on other hand are purely different as they want those things from men which actually they don’t want to give them in return. Though it is frustrating sometimes, but truth remains the same.