The nature of the urban safety has been drastically changed all over because of the increasing frequency of natural disasters and terrorism. So, it is important to have the communications as well as the power and transport systems to be sturdy and strong in form, which can easily stand firmly against the new external shocks. In the meantime, there have been numerous new risks which are emerging. For instance, the Cyber Risk, which is a follower of the digital age. Therefore, a critical issue has been raised about the urban safety and it is becoming more and more important for us with time. When it is about securing the public safety, it will significantly address to the wide as well as the developing range of risks.

The world has been steadily walking towards urbanity and this trend would continue for decades now. The 80% of the US population lives in a suburb or a city and these concentrations itself creates the high scale of economies as well as the emergence of the risks, including contagious diseases, vulnerabilities in the digital network and violent crime. According to the EIU (Economist Intelligent Unit), The Safe Cities Index 2015’s report, it has been listed the world’s safest cities based on two factors, i.e. availability of data and regional representation. Also, the safety of the cities is measured on the factors, including the digital security, health security, infrastructure and personal safety. So, based on the report by EIU, here I am listing the world’s safest cities.

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With 13.3 million population, Tokyo stands on the top among the most populous city of the world, but also the safest one. Despite of its huge population, it manages to rank on the 1st in the digital security and 3rd and 5th in personal safety and infrastructure respectively. In the digital security, the Japanese government performance is the stronger one and leaves Singapore behind in the 2nd place. The city of Tokyo is famous for its nightlife.

  • Digital Security Ranking- 1st
  • Personal Safety Ranking- 3rd
  • Infrastructure Safety Ranking- 5th
  • Health Security Ranking- 8th
  • Life Expectancy- 82


When it is about the personal security, Singapore stands on 1st rank because the crimes, like theft or burglary are on the lower side for decades. The Singapore government has unfavourably elusive penalties for even the low-level offences too. With 2nd place in the digital security ranking, the Singapore is being considered the most smartest city in the world.

  • Digital Security Ranking- 2nd
  • Personal Safety Ranking- 1st
  • Infrastructure Safety Ranking- 7th
  • Health Security Ranking- 12th
  • Life Expectancy- 82

Osaka, Japan

With 2.6 million population, Osaka stands on 2nd in the personal safety ranking. This city is relatively wealthy as Tokyo as well as ranks 2nd on GDP as well. In terms of digital safety ranking, Osaka stands on the 5th because of few privacy policies as well as cyber security teams.

  • Digital Security Ranking- 5th
  • Personal Safety Ranking- 2nd
  • Infrastructure Safety Ranking- 12th
  • Health Security Ranking- 6th
  • Life Expectancy-83

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is the only non-Asian city which ranks among the top 5 list of safest cities in the world, specifically in the personal safety ranking. This city has its own universal healthcare policies.

  • Digital Security Ranking- 7th
  • Personal Safety Ranking- 4th
  • Infrastructure Safety Ranking- 21st
  • Health Security Ranking- 10th
  • Life Expectancy- 82

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The city of Amsterdam is famous for its legal marijuana and because of its wonderful infrastructure, this city is considered to be the safest cities in the world. This city has its own cycling culture, which substantially decreased the pollution as well as reduced the car accidents, making it ranked under top 10 personal safety rankings.

  • Digital Security Ranking- 17th
  • Personal Safety Ranking- 9th
  • Infrastructure Safety Ranking- 4th
  • Health Security Ranking- 13th
  • Life Expectancy- 82

Sydney, Australia

With 4.5 million population, Sydney manages to stand under top 10 for its infrastructure and personal safety. The city has some high records of the cybercrime incidents and the Australian people have become the major targets of identity thieves and internet fraud.

  • Digital Security Ranking- 14th
  • Personal Safety Ranking- 10th
  • Infrastructure Safety Ranking- 3rd
  • Health Security Ranking- 17th
  • Life Expectancy- 81

Zurich, Switzerland

The city, Zurich ranks 1st on the health and infrastructure security because of its excellent and well-designed universal transport systems and health coverage. It is even being among the top wealthiest cities in the world and thus, invests more in the urban safety.

  • Digital Security Ranking- 19th
  • Personal Safety Ranking- 13th
  • Infrastructure Safety Ranking- 1st
  • Health Security Ranking- 1st
  • Life Expectancy- 84

Toronto, Canada

Despite being the most populous Canadian city, it is the best city to live in terms of livability, business environment, food security, safety and cost of living. This city is among the top choices for movies and film setting. In terms of infrastructure and personal safety, Toronto stands among top 10.

  • Digital Security Ranking- 11th
  • Personal Safety Ranking- 7th
  • Infrastructure Safety Ranking- 8th
  • Health Security Ranking- 21st
  • Life Expectancy- 81

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is the city which stands 2nd in terms of infrastructure among the top 50 cities in the world. It has even got the highest life expectancy rate. Living in a healthy and safe environment makes a difference in the life of the inhabitants. In terms of cost of living and safety, Melbourne is considered to be among the top 10 best cities of the world to live in.

  • Digital Security Ranking- 20th
  • Personal Safety Ranking- 8th
  • Infrastructure Safety Ranking- 2nd
  • Health Security Ranking- 14th
  • Life Expectancy- 86

New York City

New York
New York is the only city of the United States, which managed to stand in the top safest cities in the world, to be specific it is among top 10. In 1990, New York city recorded 2245 homicides and 6 murders a day, but since then, the rate has been drastically fallen down and the murder rate stood at 335 in 2013 reports. In terms of digital security, the city of New York stands 3rd along with other U.S. cities, including Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

  • Digital Security Ranking- 3rd
  • Personal Safety Ranking- 28th
  • Infrastructure Safety Ranking- 16th
  • Health Security Ranking- 2nd
  • Life Expectancy- 81

It is not recommended to leave your wallet or laptop unguarded in public, but the residents of these cities can do it freely without having any second thought. If you feel safe in your city, you feel the same like your home. So, we have listed the most secure and safe, stable cities of the world based on a few factors.