We have already discussed who is a journalist, their work profiles and what is journalism in our previous articles. Moreover, we have even discussed the difference between a journalist and a reporter. And today, we are here to discuss another question which usually confuses 98% of the people around and that is, “what is the difference between a blogger and a journalist?” Also, this article will help you in answering another question which people usually ask, “Can a journalist be a blogger or vice versa?”


The debate about the difference between a blogger and a journalist is going on since past few years, especially from the year 1997, when Jorn Barger coined the term, weblog. According to few people, both bloggers and journalists have the same writing profession, but with varieties. But others think that there are some distinctive characteristics which differentiate the two from each other. While there are some people who are still confused and search for the solution. But, to be honest, you won’t get a straightforward answer.

Now, it is a high time to put an ultimate confrontation to settle this issue forever. With the emergence of new media platforms, the way of delivering the news to the audience is also changing. The internet is now one of the major sources for news updates, but this doesn’t mean that Journalism has no place or of no good. The fine line of difference between a blogger and a journalist has been blurred because more and more people are trying their hands over blogging.

So, to distinguish between the two, it is must to know about certain things which separate the two from each other.

Plot of Blogger and Journalist

In terms of the news source, both the bloggers and the journalists have different plots. They follow a significant criterion which their readers or viewers actually like and even the source of information depends on the same. The newspaper readers always wish to read news with a professional and an unbiased approach. While providing the news to the readers, a journalist always follows certain rules, like the news must be a subjective one rather than objective. Also, before the publishing of the news, a journalist always tries to gather the information from the most trusted sources available.

On the other hand, we have the audience and the readers of a blogger who are specifically there to learn and know something from the point of view of the blogger. So, the bloggers have a liberty to be objective in terms of updating their readers with the latest news, rather than being subjective. A blogger can even add his personal views and opinions to his own written blog. Also, they are free to compare the stuff with each other in order to engage more users. a blogger even asks his readers to share their opinions and try his/her best to justify his own opinion. Thus, in simple words, we can say that a blogger is a person who is allowed to write news in his own way to engage his readers. They don’t have to set any rules and can write it in a way they want to.

Now, here I just want to make a clear fact that despite there are no rules to follow for a blogger to write certain news, yet they cannot write anything they want to. It is really important to present the true story to the audience to get them back to your blog. And yes, you can present the story from your own point of view. While, the journalists have to present the story in the same way as they get it. Sometimes, it is really hard for the journalist to judge which side of the story they should believe in because they cannot be biased whatsoever.

Published Pieces

Anything published by a journalist in a newspaper is associated with a highly focused topic. Even they have to write a complete piece within the word limit. Every newspaper gives an equal importance and preference to each column and section.

But, when a blogger writes on his blog, then though he has to write about the topic, yet he can explain more by comparisons, explanations and use the references with hundreds or thousands of words, depending on the information.

At times, even a blogger has to explain everything clearly to his readers and audience in his articles. But, it is not the same case with the newspaper journalist as they are allowed to provide true information within the specific word limit.

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Target Audience

One thing is common for both the bloggers and the journalists, that is, the Audience. Both have to write the news and stories by keeping their target audience in mind. A blogger has to focus more on providing a quality and complete content to his audience for specific niches, while the approach of a journalist is quite different. A journalist writes for the magazines and newspapers which cover multiple niches and categories. Thus, it is impossible for a journalist to focus on just one niche. It is certainly important for a journalist to go beyond the boundaries to write an interesting news piece on every niche and category.

A blog is mostly associated with just one niche, sometimes to multiple niches, yet never covers up on everything equally. This is a significant way which a reader of a blog follows it for a particular reason and thus, a blog has their own targeted audience. A newspaper or a magazine covers up every industry equally to the large targeted audience and thus, provides the news to their reader which is important.

Major Benefits of being a Blogger

  • Gets new products to write a review on them
  • Flexible work hours
  • Free to choose about what to write
  • Gets sponsorship and partnership offers
  • Establishes contacts and blogger network

Major Benefits of being a Journalist

  • Meet the high-profile celebrities to interview them
  • Establishes contacts in different spheres of the work profile
  • Win prizes, including Pulitzer Prize which is an achievement award for the journalists in online journalism and newspaper
  • Wider access to different sources of information
  • Easily gets free backstage passes and entries to the events

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Now, these are some of the major differences between a blogger and a journalist. So, next time, while reading a newspaper and a blog online, just try to notice the differences. Both the bloggers and the journalists follow certain rules to give the best information to their audience. The only difference is that the rules of a journalist are mandatory to follow while there are no rules for a blogger. Yet, a blogger has to follow certain rules which he, himself plans out to remain persistent and consistent. Lastly, the rules for a journalist remain the same throughout, while it is not applicable for the bloggers.