Importance of official web sites and their loading speed

The official web sites are the key to success of every organization. The organizations can increase the number of customers or clients through the search engine optimization (SEO) procedures. Good web designing is also needed to attract the attention of the readers towards the web sites. Professionals who design various web sites are known as web designers and who develop the web site content and optimize it are known as search engine optimizers. The speed of the web site downloading should be as fast as possible since the site visitors often lose their interest if the site download speed is very slow. Thus, every web designer and search engine optimizers should know how to improve website loading speed.

Criteria of a good and attractive web site

The ultimate aim of each and every web site is to increase the web site traffic by drawing more and more readers. The readers must develop interest while visiting the web sites and the target of the commercial site is to convert the web site readers into customers of their products and services. Web designers often commit mistakes while designing the sites. They put more and more video graphics and high resolution photos inside the web sites, as they think that will attract the attention of the visitors towards the site. But that is a wrong idea. Videos and pictures take much longer time to be downloaded from the sites. As a result, the visitors get bored and leave the web page. Videos and graphics should be given in correct proportion on the site. Every web designer should strictly follow the rules how to improve website loading speed.

Rules how to improve web site loading speed

Using CSS sprites: By using this method, a huge number of server requests are reduced to a large extent. Since, by this method, a large number of pictures can be compressed inside one image. Thus, image downloading time is reduced a lot.

Reducing image sizes: The sizes of the images can be reduced by using certain software tools, not affecting the picture or image quality of the website.

Applying updated plug-ins and other software: Updated software technologies should always be applied and out of date software and tools must be removed from the web designing procedure.

Caching web pages: Caching is a procedure which enables the computer browsers to save the resources which are locally sent by the web servers. This process is also called browser caching. With the help of this process the visitor can get the information he is searching for at much lesser time.

Selecting good web hosting services: Good and swift web hosting services should also be chosen by the commercial organization for proper and very fast running of their official web sites on  the internet. Every company must have a private IP (Internet Protocol) service provider, fully dedicated for the company’s commercial web site only. This increases the security, speed, accuracy and privacy of the authorized web site of any company. The quality of the web site is also improved by this process. All big and reputed companies, round the world have their own private web hosting servers for their commercial sites.

Responsibilities of the designers and optimizers

The web site designers and optimizers must know how to improve website loading speed since they have a lot of responsibilities for increasing the web site popularity. High resolution and high bandwidth videos and pictures should never be associated with the site. Since, these photos and videos take a lot of time to download. The web site content should be short, to the point and in simple language. There should not be any fluff content inside the site since, more unnecessary content; it will take more time to download. Every website visitor loves to get internet knowledge very quickly and they bookmark that web page in their computers.

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