New aspects of technology enter into the world of business every year, giving consumers and traders alike the chance to expand horizons and completely reform the systems previously used. The following are items you may well have heard of, but these could be the key to keeping your business up-to-date, relevant and growing in 2015.

New Top Level Domains

Major companies will all agree that integrating your domain name to your email account is best for professionalism. Web hosting companies like 1&1 already offer this option with their email service, but they and many others are starting to introduce new top level domains (TLDs) for businesses and organizations. Establishments can now be more identified with their area or particular work, as city names such as .london or .nyc can be used, as well as .photography or .shop for example.

3D Printing

Brilliance is a jewellery store that is making use of the incredible technology that is 3D printing, by reproducing rings that allow customers to try them on for size, shape and diamond or stone arrangement. This method allows consumers to be 100% satisfied with certain products, before committing to buying online.

Social Media

As platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have exploded into the hearts and minds of the public around the world, corporations are already beginning to integrate a direct link to buy products and services from the social media pages. Cutting out unnecessary time to search for the item online and smoothing out the whole process of virtual shopping for social media addicts.

Contactless Payment

With not only Google Wallet and PayPal offering NFC (Near Field Communication), now Apple Pay is picking up steam by being available on the popular iPhone 6. Trade can now reach a whole new type of customer; those keen to try out the new technology and who are likely to love the simplicity and ease that comes with the virtual wallet.