In 2014, business is conducted at a faster pace than ever before. Minutes and seconds count in an always-on, globally-connected environment, which is why your company needs to stay on top of short-term and long-term challenges. If your business isn’t working as efficiently and productively as it could be, then you risk losing your competitive edge.

Technologies that can reduce your business challenges

At the same time, there has never been a greater number of services and technologies out there to help businesses excel. From video calling software that enables you to hold meetings with staff anywhere in the world, to comprehensive email management solutions, there are a broad range of products to choose from to streamline your operations.

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Networking services
From the earliest days, networking has been an essential cog in the business machine, whether it’s sharing information or making new contacts. In today’s office environment, you need to consider both the effectiveness of your local internal company network, as well as the way you utilise the larger global network that makes up the web. File sharing, communications, security and privacy are all key considerations.

By upgrading both your network infrastructure and the software running on top of it, you can improve the way your business runs and reduce headaches for employees. How effectively is your information stored? How quickly can it be retrieved? Dedicated network management systems can make a huge difference here.

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Mobile services
The explosion of mobile devices and apps has been the headline story in IT over the last decade, and while it might have raised some new challenges of its own, it’s certainly helped to make life easier for businesses large and small. Problems can be managed and information can be gleaned from wherever you happen to be in the world.

Consider how straightforward it is to make a video call across the world from your tablet or smartphone, or the rich depth of functionality provided by data analytics apps. You can now use your commute to check the current status of your website, the reach of your social media accounts, the latest industry news and much more besides.

Email services
Email is a benefit for businesses, that much is obvious, but go beyond the basics and the technology is there to give your company a real boost: consider something like email encryption from Mimecast, which protects the privacy and validity of your most sensitive information, or an upgraded archiving system that makes messages easy to find from anywhere.

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Without the right apps and services installed, email can be a burden rather than a benefit: consider how your company’s messaging systems are managed and organised, and choose the tools that work for you, whether it’s managing your inbox remotely from a smartphone, or building up an automatically generated database of contacts and leads.

With the right technology in place, your business and the staff that you employ can work smarter as well as harder. From email management systems to intelligent server hardware, there’s plenty of powerful products out there. Make sure you make use of them.