It doesn’t matter the size of your company, tech of varying designs can prove helpful in improving business productivity. Whether it is how you make sales or how you track employee hours, affordable tech options are available around every corner. You just need to know where to look. Here are a few tech tips for finding the right tech to improve your business production.

Mobile POS

Whether you are looking to take part in the different outdoor festivals around Florida or you have the ability to travel with your product to different regions around the world, having the ability to make and track sales is important. Pulling out a computer to log essential information isn’t always a prudent option. Many customers do not like paying with checks and waiting until you return to the office to log payments can lead to forgotten documentation. With the help of a mobile point of sales system, you’ll have direct access to not only a monetary station, but all of your financial paperwork at the same time.

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Just about any current smartphone or tablet can be transformed into a mobile POS. From accepting credit card swipes through a connected card reader to storing client information and records, such a device is designed to make your life easier. Plus, you should see a growth in sales simply from having a POS system on hand wherever you go.

Track Employee Time

From monitoring your budget to cutting paychecks, having a constant eye on employee working time is important. Not too long ago, you had to rely on a punch card to input a timesheet. The problem with a punch card is it opened up the potential for time-theft, or employees punching in others so they did not look late on their cards. The move to digital punch-ins has helped this issue, as workers must now input their own, unique code, into a computer system, but to check their time cards you’d need to manually log into the computer. Now, however, you can track employee time with a service like Clockspot. This service allows you to log on through your mobile phone, tablet or any other Internet connected device and check current employee working time. This way, even if you are gone for business, you can make sure everyone is paid properly, or adjust employee hours based on your current finances.

Marketing is All about Social Media

One of the most important tech tips out there currently is marketing. Marketing has shifted greatly since the onset of the Internet, with more and more money pumped into online advertising. However, it doesn’t matter what size business you run or what kind of products you sell, it is possible to market your company and interact with potential customers with the help of social media. If you listen to any of these tech tips, this might be the one to go for. Social media interaction through different sources, such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and others, give you easy, direct access to potential customers. This is something you could have never done before on your own, yet now you have all the opportunity in the world. Even if you are not well versed in online marketing and branding, setting up a few social media profiles just takes a few minutes of your day and shouldn’t hamper productivity. So, to expand your message and reach new customers, look towards social media.

There are plenty of tech tips your business should consider. In terms of making life easier for you and growing your brand though, these are some of the best options available.