When I was in like 7th standard I used to play a flash game on my 10 years old Pentium 3 PC with 256MB of RAM called the “Copter”, I’d challenge my younger brother again and again and we would play for hours straight. My CPU burnt due to some crazy curiosity that I grew for Overclocking PCs and this was when I forgot about Copter only to see its cousin after 4 years on my friend’s smartphone. Yes, I am talking about “Flappy Bird”, that easy seeming tapping game that made Dong Nguyen a celebrity in no time.

Swing Copters

Well, the concept behind Flappy Bird is simple, you tap and the Bird flies and when you don’t tap, it falls. You have to avoid pipes and for every pipe that you avoid another point you make. It isn’t simple as it may seem, it gets crazier when the Dopamine (A chemical in the brain that compels people to beat their previous records and make achievements) doesn’t let you stop from keeping that bird in the air.

However, under many controversies. Flappy Bird was removed from the Apple App Store and later from the Android App Market as well. Dong’s answer to this was that he didn’t like the fact that people were spending most of their time on this game and putting their life routines at stake. Along with several other reasons he deleted his app from both major App Stores even when the birdy was bringing in over $40,000 of ad-revenue every day.

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Everyone expected the next version or may be a totally new game from Dong in coming months since he took down Flappy Bird.

Well, the new app is here and it’s called Swing Copters. In this new addictive game you play a weird character that looks like a Minion from Despicable Me and wears a helmet that has a fan like propeller attached to it, much like the one in Doraemon isn’t it?

Anyways, below is a game play video of the new game and I hope you enjoy playing it as much as you loved and hated the Flappy Bird.

Source: Touch Arcade