When you post anything on your blog you do it for all your readers out there, so keeping this thing in mind it is important that you add up a widget which will allow your visitors to know the features or the recent posts on your blogs, so that your readers get busy with them and can get any info about it. Just like its name this widget is also stylish with adding a positive point for you and your blog, as this stylish featured posts is a widget that allows you to show a list of your recent posts with thumbnails. You can set this widget and its settings manually by choosing the post’s categories and labels and also how many number of posts you want your visitors to see. This widget shows the first image found in the post as thumbnail or thumbnail image of posts if supported by the template. So you can see the features and how it works later in the post. And after that you can go for the installation part by following the steps provided to you by me.

Preview : –
Stylish Blogger Featured-Recent Post Widget With Thumbnail


  • You can show a thumbnail image.
  • Choice the number of posts to show.
  • Posts list ordered by random or date.
  • Choose or exclude categories from posts list.
  • TimThumb support for a perfect resize.

How it Works?

Well, this widget is works based on Javascript and Blogger JSON feed API. Your blog must be for Public visitors. other wise the Blogger JSON Feed API won’t works.First option in the generator below is
Show Featured/Recent Posts From Particular Category/Label”
well if you want to show recent posts from particular any lebal then tick on the check box and enter lebal name in the input area, else if you want to show recent posts with all lebal/category of your blog then just unchecked the check box to show Featured/Recent posts of your blog.

How to install this widget to blogger?

1) Click on Widget Generator” button below.
2) Fill the required data in generator.
3) Click on ‘Generate’ button to get the code for the widget then add it to your blog ( Learn : How to add Widget or Gadget to blogger )

4) After it, go to the “Page Elements” section in Blogger and move the widget to under your header as shown below.

5) Finally save Page Elements and you have done !!