The Stormfall Age of War is an interesting strategic game but does that make it a little fun too? Numerous gamers think that they are the most experienced players and complaint about the casual titles which they find on the social networking platforms which are the way too simple and even doesn’t offer any challenges. However, gamers need to be really thankful for the types of titles including the new one which would have a strange one though, Stormfall Age of War. It features an amazing graphical design which is expected from every game aimed to focus on the serious gamers. Do you think that the play style of Stormfall Age of War holds the same key or just the design fulfill everything? Come On! Let’s find something about it.

Stormfall-age of war

The game is all about the fallen kingdom wherein all the players are put in between the land which is grabbed by the warlords. The main aim of the player is to rejuvenate the peace which would have been an easy thing only if the warlords didn’t able to inhabit. Warlords are the people who never try to maintain peace but you being the player need to restore the land again to bring prosperous time. For restoring the peace, players need to engage themselves in a real-time strategy wherein the game itself builds on its particular genre tenet followed by tearing of all the complicated micromanagement elements, creating the game in a streamlined version. The players will begin with a small castle followed by research, management to build a kingdom.

The story of the Stormfall Age of War is quite a heavy one which is particularly an odd choice and even the most appealing one to us. Players are given quests which they need to complete over with the help of significant text blocks as well as voice overs. The quests only get the players through the basic game play elements followed by carrying away the bonuses in order to restore peace in kingdom. It does provide building units as well as the upgraded buildings but are not really appreciated by the experienced ones whereas these are really appreciated by the new comers. It is specifically a story which is driven by the narrative and even bugs the players to death while executing the quests. The narrative as well as the voice overs helps in immersing the player to be self-indulgent, the major challenge to overcome because their main aim is to restore the peace in kingdom.

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Overall, Stormfall Age of War is really an interesting and challenging game where the strategy if the key to defeat your enemy including the army which needs to be harnessed in order to destroy all the efforts by the warlords. Players can easily choose their league for challenging the other leagues and for uniting their own warfare. You really need to check this game out which is filled with a simple and an interesting fun factor.