Previously i was published tutorial on how to create Sticky sidebar widget in blogger, and today I’m going to share tutorial for wordpress. if you are use wordpress platform then you can create sticky sidebar widget for it by simply adding the plugin. as i said in previous post why you need to create sticky sidebar widget and what is benefit of sticky sidebar widget, people visit your blog and reading the post but they don’t care about your followers, subscribers, likes or traffic.. most of the time they open the post, scroll & read the content and left. When they are at the bottom of the post your sidebar was out of their screen. And you don’t get any benefit from it. so this best way to get benefit from your widgets is make one of your widget STICKY that scroll with user. for example if you want more subscribers then just make your Subscription Form sticky. then your visitors will see your sticky widget when they scroll.

How to install “Sticky” sidebar widget Plugin to wordpress ?

  • Go to Dashboard and click on Plugins > Add new.
  • Type ‘Q2W3 Fixed Widget’ in search bar and Click on Search Plugins. ( You can download it from here)
  • Very first result will be this Plugin.
  • Click on Install Now and Active your Plugin.
  • Once you’ve active this plugin, Go to Appearance -> Widgets, enable “Fixed Widget” option on any active widget.

Fixed Widget Options
Margin Top: This property defines the vertical distance from the top border edge of an element to the edge of its containing block

Margin Bottom: This property defines the vertical distance from the bottom border edge of the element concerned to the edge of its containing block.

Custom HTML IDs: You can add your own HTML IDs for customizing widgets background colors and text colors.

Disable plugin on phone devices & Disable plugin on tablet devices: disable the Sticky widget on phone and tablets.

Now it’s  time to make your Widget Sticky. Just select the Widget which you want make sticky and you’ll find enable “Fixed widget” option.

Fixed widget
Once you’ve enable the ‘Fixed Widget’ option your Widget will be Sticky. Now visitors will see your sticky widget when they scroll. Hope this plugin will help you get benefit from your sidebar. drop your comments and quetions below.. :D