With the innovation of the modern age of Technology, devices running with Internet have found a new boom as it was conducted. Indeed, one of the biggest things that you can get with the help of technology is the transfer of data from one device to the other. With so many devices running, it has been evitable for people to send and receive data at the same time. But, what will happen if the data is completely deleted? It is completely lost out and never to be recovered? Yes, with the help of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery V7, you can easily get the lost data recovered.

What happens when the data gets deleted?

It is a common saying that when you enter data into the computer, it is never gone, but it is present somewhere but needs to be restored. Practically, the data is still present in the device but it is not possible for us to find the data stored in the device. To find out the data and then recover it, you need the help of external software which will allow you to save up a lot of money and also time to recover. With the help of the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery V7, things just become far easier to meet your needs just as you would have liked to.

Steps to Recover Data with Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery V7

Recovering the deleted files or even parts of files with the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery V7 is very easy. Just follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Before you start on to recover the file, you need to install the software. To get the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery V7, all that you need to do is just click on it. But before you download it, you must ensure that you are downloading the correct version. Simply Click here to get the file downloaded.

Step 2: One of the next things that you need to do is to register the software and then install it. This version allows you to restore 1GB of data without any cost.

Step 3: After the download and the registration are complete, you can now easily make use of the software and launch it from the desktop icon.

Step 4: The first thing that you need to do is to ‘selectwhat to Recover.’ Here you can simply choose the type of data that you wish to recover. This will allow you to quickly find the type of files that you are willing to recover.

Step 5: Now you can spot out the connected drives or even the folders and the subfolders of the other drives. You can also recover data lost from removable devices such as USB drives or even memory cards. This is probably one of the best things that you can get in order to recover the files.

Step 6: Now you need to select the appropriate folder from where the data was originally deleted. You now have to select the Scan option which will initiate immediately. User simply needs to click on Scan to begin scanning. Once the primary scan is over and still data is not recovered, a deep scan button will appear which can be clicked to dig deeper and recover all recoverable files. However, the scan time depends on the size of the drive and the number of files.

Step 7: If this did not help out the normal scan, you could go for the option of Deep Scan which might take out more time, but it will end up in giving much more results which might leave you satisfied. You can now easily spot the lost file.

Step 8: Once the scanning is over, click on ‘Deleted List’ to view only deleted data and recover desired files. Recovering data with the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery V7 is very easy and is completely done in a few steps.

Step 9: After you have finally found the files to recover, you can simply start the recovery process of the files by simply choosing some different location as the destination.. This will help you to restore the data quickly and also get your needs fulfilled.

Key Features of the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery V7

There are many features of the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery V7 which helps people to use the software without any hesitation, and some of them are:

  • The software has easy data recovery steps which take a lot lower time than all others.
  • The data can be recovered from any format of hard drives as well as any format of flash drives. Storage spaces such as internal, external or even USB drives also have the features to store or recover data.
  • You can easily recover any format of data or even any type of file as you would require at any moment of time.
  • You can also create the Image of the partition to recover the data easily.

Latest Updates of Version 7

With the help of the latest version launched as V7, you can easily recover 1GB data for free. This means that all you need to do is to retrieve the data using the software and with the free version, almost 1GB of recovery can be recovered. One of the key things that you shall be benefitted is just with the help of the free versions. You can recover any type of data instantly.

However, there are no limitations in recovering the files in the terms of size and amount in the paid versions. You can always create an image of a partition and then recover the data quickly from the partition. So, all that you need to do is log on to https://www.stellarinfo.com/windows-data-recovery-professional.php , download the software and install.