viber spy app
Viber is getting increasingly popular with teens and adults alike. The free messaging and facility to send and receive unlimited multimedia and free calls has helped this app to woo millions of people to using it. Are you a bit concerned watching your kids constantly talking and texting their friends or do you doubt that your employees are secretly using Viber to contact with your rivals? It’s time to verify your inhibitions with StealthGenie Viber spy app!

Your Kids Might Be…

These days, parents just need to keep a close eye on their kids because frankly speaking with personal gadgets, there are enough evil temptations to fall for. And when your kids have the smartphones with Viber installed on it, they can chat with their fiends for whole day using the internet. And since the application use the internet connection, it will become hell difficult for you to track the messages in any other way. Who knows what are they chatting about? Are they sexting with their friends? Are they getting involved in an unhealthy relationship? Are they contacting dangerous people? Or are they being coerced to share personal information with inappropriate people? You need to find out!

Employees are not to be trusted!

Can you really trust your employees? All they really care about is the money and some of them might stoop to any extent to wheeze out some bucks from your pockets! What if they are meeting with your rivals and sharing your company information with them? How would you know if they are secretly contacting them via Viber? Or worse still, what if they are sending presentations and pictures of your prototypes with the rivals? This could mean trouble for your enterprise and you need to find a way to stop it!

Do the Right thing!

Instead of wasting time and fretting about what your kids or employees might be doing, it’s better to take the concrete steps to stop it all! StealthGenie has a viable solution to this significant problem. O found that this spying application has recently launched its Viber tracking app that will let you track:

  • Viber texts
  • Viber contacts
  • Multimedia content shared via Viber
  • Date and time stamps for all chats

So installing this application on the target smartphone, you can get access to all the Viber chats and multimedia content in stealth mode! Make a dash for it and experience safe mobile monitoring yourself!