If you find yourself spending long hours at the computer every day, you are putting your health at risk. It’s even more so when you suffer from Carpal Tunnel. If you are in that situation that you don’t need us to tell you how bad it is when the pain hits you. It’s extremely painful but more than that it also hinders you from being able to finish whatever it is that you are doing at the computer. This can be really frustrating, almost as much as it is painful. Luckily, there are things you can do to prevent having to take a moment and absorb massive amounts of pain. There are mice for your computer that will make sure you won’t be in for a world of hurt every time you want to write something at the computer or try to look something up. Check out this helpful guide on the best mice that combat Carpal Tunnel so you can protect your health while using your desktop computer or even laptop.


Logitech M570 Wireless Mouse

Before you look into any kind of specifications for this mouse, the brand itself is a reassurance of quality. Logitech have been in business for a very long time and you can count that you’re getting your money’s worth when you’re buying their gear. Moving on now, you are probably going to want some more information about this specific design. The aesthetic design is pretty simplistic but effective with the black mouse and the blue tracking ball having a nice contrast between them.

The shape of the mouse makes it great for those with Carpal Tunnel because it doesn’t put stress on your hand like a regular mouse does. Let’s look into some specific details about this Logitech mouse to see what it can do.

  • In case you are afraid that it’s going to break on you and that you’re going to need another mouse, you should know that it comes with a 3 year warrantee from the manufacturer which should put your heart at rest
  • Unless there’s something completely different going on with this model in the area where you live, you should get AA batteries included with the package when you order or buy this mouse which is great because a lot of devices come without batteries and having to postpone the first try is a bummer
  • The mouse works with both Windows and Mac systems meaning that you can benefit from its services regardless of which side you’re on
  • The mouse is able to deliver a maximum of 18 months when it comes to battery life, which is pretty amazing
  • It comes with a receiver that you just plug in and don’t have to worry about ever again, which is super convenient and accessible
  • The best feature out of all of them is probably the shape of the mouse, which as previously mentioned will reduce the stress in your hand and deliver the most comfortable hand experience you can get from a mouse


Sharkk Wirelss Mouse

This one really stands out thanks to its unique take on the design. As far as the color palette goes, there’s nothing special about this one as it comes in a plain black color with a white stripe on the bottom. So far so normal, but the shape is what really makes it stand out and based on its name you can pretty much guess what it’s shaped like. Yep, it has the shape of a shark fin which is pretty neat. Even if you don’t particularly like sharks you can appreciate the design creativity. But design alone isn’t enough to make it a good mouse for combating Carpal Tunnel so let’s see what it can offer.

  • This mouse uses 2.4 GHz RF which is pretty neat
  • It allows you to save a lot of battery time thanks to its cool power save feature which is called Auto Sleep which basically puts the mouse to sleep when it’s not being used
  • It features support for almost all operating systems which means that you’ll never run into compatibility issues that can be a real pain to deal with
  • This mouse features the perk of being able to adjust the DPI, making it versatile and useful for many different types of activities
  • The shape and the build of this mouse makes it great for those who suffer from Carpal Tunnel as it loosens the wrist and it allows you to sit your hand comfortably on the mouse

Anker Ergonomic Optical USB Wired Vertical Mouse

All the mice in this list come with unique designs but there is something special about this one. It comes in a very small and compact package that makes you think it has the shape of a raindrop. If that’s not enough to convince you, keep in mind that it also takes the pressure off your hand and allows you to safely browse the internet or navigate through your PC files without having to endure any pain. The experience is pretty much as high as it can get and this fully black mouse comes with a high grade of comfort. Let’s see just what you can benefit from by using this mouse.

  • It comes with an 18 month protection warrantee which is fantastic because you don’t have to fear that it’s going to break
  • Aside from its pretty lengthy warranty the mouse also comes with lifetime technical support which is great as not a lot of mouse manufacturers offer support like that
  • It has a 4.8 feet cable which makes it great for anyone that has a lot of tangled wire they have to get through or if the computer is just far from the desk
  • It comes with extra buttons which can be used to go to the next or previous page on documents and on websites
  • Offers a comfortable position for the hand that will help it relax while you’re doing your thing