Sometime we need to capture a screen shot for adding in to blog, or somewhere and it’s important to blur name’s links and some pic’s for some privacy reason, generally we doing that by hard work and using Adobe Photoshop and other online image editing software/tool for it, but why we use other tool and do hard work even we have good option in chrome extension ! yes that will automatically hide all the links, names and images from an status update you choose and then automatically upload the screenshot onto good cloud storage service like Imgur.

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So you can see in above image there all name’s, links, and images are blurred by one click you can also do that too and share any status anywhere as you want, So firstly open Chrome and install Status Snapper extension. now visit Facebook and click on the small icon present in your address bar. you will see  “Snap” option on top of every status update. need to  just click on that icon and everything will blurred in that status. also you can un-blur anything just hove on that thing. After you have made that anonymous, just click on Finish option and it will start capturing that image and then it will upload that image automatically.