Domino’s Pizza is one of the most famous brands not only in the food industry but even globally. It is the 2nd largest pizza chain all over the world. Currently, Domino’s Pizza is serving in more than 70 countries and they are growing at a great pace. When they started they never knew that they would become such a big brand but, due to their quality of the food and other services, their business expanded at a very rapid pace. The customers are happy and satisfied with their quick, 30-minute guarantee for the delivery.

Domino’s Pizza has managed to open more than 10000+ stores all over the world which is quite really impressive. The amount of success they are achieving is something that shows people love them by heart and their services; food is worth to be experienced. And because of this reason, it is beneficial and profitable to get a Domino’s Pizza franchise to serve people with the best pizza. Not just around the world, but Domino’s Pizza is even popular in India as well. People love eating fresh and perfectly baked pizzas and that’s what Domino’s Pizza is famous for which can be a hit for your franchise as well.


What makes Domino’s Pizza so much demandable?

Domino’s Pizza was started in the year 1960 by two brothers, Tom Monaghan and James Monaghan. It was all started with just one store and the success made this brand a bigger one in no time. Slowly and gradually, the business got expanded with the number of outlets and by 1965 and 1978, Domino’s Pizza has 3 and 200 stores respectively because of its high success rate. People loved their fresh-baked pizzas with fresh toppings and stuffing.

Domino’s Pizza even standardized their food so as to make people get the same taste all over the world. They wanted that people can see their consistency throughout while visiting their franchises. This is one of the major factors for all the brands to give main priority to their customers. The standardization helped Domino’s Pizza to gain immense popularity among people for their same cheesy taste pizzas. Not only KFC but even Domino’s Pizza has kept their recipes as a SECRET which makes them stand out well among its competitors.

This is not just all about Domino’s Pizza. They have also made their own specific equipment in order to ensure their own specific recipe for their pizza. From flour to the plates where the bread dough is put, from a spatula to an oven, they have made everything perfect and specific for their own purposes. They do ensure that their customers get the best pizza and thus they increased their range as well, yet kept it a secret. They have the first priority, their customers and thus it is the best thought to have Domino’s Pizza franchise.

Moreover, the Indian Jubilant FoodWorks Limited looks after Domino’s Pizza and thus, your application for a franchise in India will even go through their process too.

What do you need?

Domino’s Pizza already has more than 1000 stores in India spread in every city of every state. Now, if we talk about the investment money which you need to have a Domino’s Pizza franchise in India, then it majorly depends on the location. If you are planning to open a traditional or non-traditional store, then it can range between 50 lakhs to 80 lakhs. But, it is about Domino’s Pizza franchise here. And thus, if you want to have its franchise in India, then your investment must be between 60 lakhs to 2.5 crores.

The weekly royalty fee for a traditional or non-traditional store is 5% and for the franchise owners is 6%. Furthermore, you also have to pay $1100 for training, $1500 for transfer, 1.8% as audit expenses, $500+ for annual software upgrades. Also, there are few additional charges as well which depends on the location, including the cost of enforcement, indemnification, and evaluation. There is one more thing to note here is that if you were associated with Domino’s Pizza in the past, then these charges would be less for you.

This significantly means that the franchise investment will also vary according to the internal franchisee (a person who worked with Domino’s Pizza) and external franchisee.

How to Apply for Franchise and Dealership?

For getting the dealership, you need to contact Jubilant FoodWorks Limited which looks after everything associated with Domino’s Pizza in India. Every franchise application gets through the Jubilant FoodWorks Limited. Now, they even have an office in Noida where you can contact them directly at the address below.

Jubilant FoodWorks Limited Registered & Corporate Office
B214, Phase II, Noida-201305
Contact Number: +91-120-40905000
Fax Number: +91-120-40905599

You also need to be very careful while contacting them because you just have to impress them in one go. So, you have to be prepared well and try to be specific with your words.

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What after application got approved?

Before sending your franchise application to Domino’s Pizza, you must be aware of the things which will happen after your application will get approved. Domino’s pizza is specifically famous for its food consistency, whether it’s the taste or recipe. They do not compromise with the quality and the services as well as keep their customers happy and satisfied. And thus, they provide training sessions to the franchise owner and the employees. They give training lessons about making of freshly-baked pizza, how to run the franchise and everything about the money procedure. The training period varies from few months to a year.

Finally, you can assure yourself that you will be able to get all your invested money back soon and earn high profits. Domino’s Pizza is growing with the passing time and with the increase in the love of people for pizza, getting a franchise would be a hit. Pizza is one of the most favorite western country foods and India has even accepted it. So, it is a great chance to earn profits from a Domino’s pizza franchise.