Among all top milk products manufacturing brands in India, Mother Dairy is surely a big name. Mother Dairy manufacture agro products like milk, milk based products and other edible products. Among its top products are the milk, paneer, ghee and ice cream. The brand also manufactures a whole lot of other products but it is mainly famous for the milk as it started with it. People of India trust Mother Dairy like it are a part of their own family and that’s why going for its franchise is a profitable step. The company has come a long way from the day it was first commissioned. The main purpose of this brand way to make India a milk sufficient nation and now it is doing much more than that. First, it only dealt in milk but now it has expanded to a lot more products.

Now because of its commitment towards India, the people of India have very good trust on Mother Dairy. Because of that trust, it’s very obvious to say that Mother Dairy is trying to expand its business and reach to every household. So for that, it is also ready to give the franchise to those who can help it grow and can maintain it’s brand name and value.


What makes Mother Dairy so much demandable?

Mother Dairy is one of the most popular brands in India and among agro products manufacturers it holds a great name. And this hasn’t happened just now that becomes so much popular; it has come all this way over time and with winning people’s heart. Now that’s a very good reason to go for Mother Dairy’s franchise as that’ll ultimately turn your investment into profit in no time at all.

Mother dairy was first commissioned in 1974 for turning India into a milk sufficient nation. From that time on it has done a wonderful job and provided milk and milk based products to a major part of the country. And it’s not just that this company does it all on its own, it takes the help of villages for fulfilling the milk requirement. This way the people of villages also get a way of employment and thus those people also have a sense of trust on this brand. Mother Dairy started working in Delhi mainly and then covering NCR region it expanded to provide its services to complete country. This is one of the major reasons that Mother Dairy will be ready to give you its franchise as that will help it expand.

Now you’ll have to understand that Mother Dairy has a done a lot to create it’s brand name and it won’t let it go that easy. Thus you’ll have to be very careful as if you’ll help it improve or maintain it’s brand image then you’ll surely get its franchise. The vast variety of products in which Mother Dairy deals makes it one of the most generally heard household names. And since the company is not backing down a bit so it’ll keep expanding its business at a nice pace which is a good news for you.

What do you need?

Since Mother Dairy is a big brand so it’s investment is also going to be big. Normally for a franchise of Mother Dairy one needs to have 5 to 10 lakhs. Furthermore is the fee for a franchise which is around 50000 and a requirement of 500 square feet of area or more. There won’t be any royalty fee so you don’t have to worry about that. If the area you have is in a residential place and on the ground floor then, that would be best as it would be much more beneficial.

If you apply for multiple units then the investment cost can rise to 1 crore or even 2 crores. The same investment can also go up to 2 to 5 crore or even more depending on the city, state, and location. Since the brand of Mother Dairy is a well-known brand so you don’t have to worry much. Moreover, there is a general expectancy of 30% return on investment in the first year and a breakeven point in just two years. Due to all of this, you’ll be getting profit in just a span of two years of Mother Dairy franchise.

How to Apply for Franchise

Apply for Mother Dairy franchise is much easier but, the tough part is to apply in a professional way. For applying, you can directly visit the Mother Dairy official website and there go through the application procedure. This application will ask you for all the necessary details so fill it carefully and with precise information. Moreover, before submitting the application you must be sure that you have filled all the details carefully. Apart from this, keep in mind that you have to convey your message in minimum words and in most professional manner. So choose your words carefully as the person in front has to be influenced in those few words. Here are some other ways to contact Mother Dairy.

Contact Details
Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt Ltd,
A-3, Sector-1, Noida, Uttar Pradesh-201 301 (India)
Landline Phone No.: +91-120-4399500 / 4399501
Fax No.: 91-120-4399527

What after application got approved?

As Mother Dairy is not one of those brands which can just let it brand image go to waste. So it’s very obvious that there will be training and some training manuals to help your franchise with. The training will be given to the franchise with field assistance as that will also ensure that you get maximum benefit from your locality. The location of your franchise is a major part of your business so it’s very crucial to have an expert opinion on that. Moreover, your franchise will be a part of Mother Dairy so it’ll also help its brand value to increase and thus that training will also be given.

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So, this is all you must know about getting Mother Dairy Franchise. And we must repeat that you must be very careful with the words you choose for the application that you are going to submit for the franchise.