Monginis is a well-known trusted cake brand in India since 1958. It is a pastry and bakery chain in India based in Mumbai. Since its launch, it is growing at a good and strong pace. Though its headquarters are in Mumbai, yet it has managed to establish itself in Egypt as well. After India, Egypt is the next country where Monginis is most famous and loved by people. It does offer what people love and thus built trust among them because of which it is listed among one of the growing brands in India. This is one of the major reasons that why you have a good chance of getting a franchise of Monginis. The brand is on a lookout for its expansion and willing to give a franchise to people who are interested and willing to maintain as well as promote it.

So, if you can fulfill all the requirements as well as maintain its brand value then it’ll surely give you its franchise. Although you must know that Monginis is one of those brands whose top priority is the customer satisfaction and you also have to do the same in order to take Monginis brand name forward and to get benefit out of it.


What makes Monginis so much demandable?

The Monginis brand was run by two Italian brothers as a catering service and was started in the 20th century. But later in the year 1958, it was taken over by Khorikawala family who established the brand as a business and gave its final name, Monginis. After 1958, the brand kept on growing and started expanding its horizons. In order to expand the brand, the Khorikala family decided to go with a plan of franchise business model which actually worked like a charm. Monginis started to expand in many parts of the country and brand saw a rapid growth due to its quality products and commitment towards customers.

Now, if you are looking for a franchise from Monginis and want to earn a profit, then yes, it is a worth investing brand. Your investment will return you surely with great benefits. After all, Monginis ranked 605th among the most trusted brands in India in 2012 and in 2013 it was at 514th rank. But, in the year 2014, it took a huge leap and got ranked at 256th most trusted brands in India which clearly shows that people love this brand.

Monginis may not be the most famous brand in the country but, it certainly is among one of the fastest growing brands. It’s large variety of eatables and the quality which it maintains is what makes this brand visited a lot by people. Then comes the customer experience which is most crucial for this brand and it takes care of every small detail so every customer is satisfied. Because Monginis takes care of customers and the customers also take care of this brand, thus they keep coming back. And that’s the strongest plus point for any brand to have which makes that brand best among the rest. Now if you are ready for your franchise then go on with rest of the details which is necessary for Monginis franchise.

What do you need?

Investment for Monginis is what there would be for any bakery franchise and that is 10 lakh. After that, there is a security fee which is 1 lakh rupees. Other fees include the franchise fee and the architecture fee. The franchise fee is around 25,000 India Rupees and architecture fee is around 25,000 Indian Rupees as well.

After all of that, there is royalty fee of Monginis which is 6 lakh to 8 lakh Indian rupees. Now, it’s about the area requirement which is necessary for any Monginis bakery franchise. The area requirement is 250 square feet which are standard for starting Monginis franchise. Now you should keep in mind that the requirement for area and investment can change as per the location of franchise bakery. If the location is in a prime location as in market and in a mall then, investment can be higher. But if the location is in a residential area then investment can be low or what has been mentioned above.

The general breakeven point of Monginis investment is around 2 years which is great for earning profit soon. And there is one more thing that you should know that the agreement stands for 3 years although you can always renew it later on.

How to apply for Monginis Franchise?

There are some ways to contact Monginis but the best way is to visit the head office. But, you can always email or contact the concerned persons in different cities using the details below:

  • Mumbai Western and Central: Mr. JagdishShetty, Email-, Phone no – 022-40786785

  • Aurangabad, Maharashtra: Mr. NileshGaldhar, Email-, Phone no – 9870372787

  • Pune, Maharashtra: Miss Jaya, Email- , Phone no – 020-67240100, Extn. 17/18

  • Kolkata, West Bengal: Mr. Sudeeip Sharma and Mr. SanjoySinha, Email- and

  • Baroda, Gujarat: Mr. PrashantSaxena, Email-, Phone no – 9824505421

  • Nashik, Maharashtra: Mr. Chirag Sheikh, Email-, Phone no – 9824631957

  • Goa: Mr. AshishKejriwal, Email-, Phone no – 9225526113

  • Surat, Gujarat: Mr. Shiv Thareja, Email-, Phone no – 9824033082

  • Rajkot, Gujarat: Mr. DarshanNandani, Email-, Phone no – 02827-287344, 02827-287366

  • Ahmadabad, Gujarat: Mr. Deepak Peswani, Email-, Phone no – 9727747576
  • For any other location other than mentioned above you should contact SarikaDalvi on 91-22-40786784 or email at for Monginis franchise.

    More contact details
    (Head Office, Mumbai, India)
    Monginis Foods Pvt Ltd
    B/60, Off. Link Road, Andheri (W),
    Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
    Customer Care: 022 – 40 786 702
    Online Order Enquiry: 022 – 40 786 759 / 40 786 789
    Fax: 022 – 40786795.
    Official website of Monginis Foods Pvt Ltd –

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    What after franchise got approved?

    After your Monginis franchise is approved then you will have to go through training from Monginis. You will be given help for everything and you’ll also be assisted to select the best place for your franchise. You’ll also be assisted will all the interior and marketing work so that your business can get a head start. After all, your main goal is to get maximum profit of Monginis and the brand will help you do that through its training. Not just you but the employees will also be given proper training so that they can perform well and you can get most out of them.

    This is how you can get Monginis franchise.