For starters, employers have the legal right to monitor an employee’s email and desk-phone use at work. The company can and usually does track its employees’ internet use and has set some limits to restrict personal use of the company-owned resources. Ensuring manually that company rules are being followed is near impossible in this day and age. Monitoring software has been seen in a negative light but the emerging benefits that they come with are strong enough to overrule their damaging possibilities. Here are some advantages that an employer is going to have when supervising employees at the workplace in order to bring about stronger business in the corporate world:

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Employers can easily keep a track of employees’ activities and point out the mistakes they make. An error on a crucial report or a glitch in the coding sheet can be caught immediately if the employee working on these is being monitored on a constant basis. Once these mistakes are pointed out, the employee cuts down on the errors he or she makes and devises ways to improve. Moreover, they get a saved log of all the work done to learn from their errors. This builds a healthy employer-employee relationship and cements together a more competent workforce. A sound recording with the help of spy call recorder can help the employer point out mistakes that an employee has made while conversing with a potential client.

Monitoring employee errors are also going to motivate them towards making fewer errors and increase their productivity rate.

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Employees work better when they are appreciated and their strengths are acknowledged. Monitoring software help employers judge the effort and time an employee is putting into a single project. It also helps bosses to understand the full potential of their employees and to appraise their work.


An employee knowingly or unknowingly might disclose some company secrets to an outsider. Even if it does not cause serious damage, it is a breach of privacy that an organization cannot afford the reputation of. Equipped with monitoring software, an employer is going to have an eye in the sky. When all the passages of information are monitored, there is no chance of an employee disclosing sensitive data to a third party.


When an employee is at the workplace, his or her time is the company’s resource. The organization pays for the time duration an employee spends in the office. Monitoring your employees gives you an insight into an employee’s productivity rate. Smartphone and computer monitoring software allow you to kneepan eye on the time the employees spend doing official and personal work. For instance an employee spends a good part of the day on social media networking websites. This is surely going to affect the productivity of the employee. Monitoring software is going to assist employers to measure the rate of productivity of employees.

Violation of company policies

Most monitoring software empowers employers and gives them a bird’s eye view of all the activities that are going on in the workplace. This also gives the employer authentic knowledge of if the company’s polices are being followed. Any violation of policies is going to be detected instantly. A violation of the Non-disclosure between the company and its employees for instance can be taken note of on an immediate basis. Moreover the true culprit can be caught very easily if the employer is monitoring all his employees. There is little chance of employees blaming each other and taking part in office politics if the employer knows who is at the back of a violation.